Sunday Open Mat AIKIDO

9am to 11am – Sign Up Here

Use Calendar Below

Active students who have earned 6th KYU are eligible to attend Sunday Open Mat sessions.*  These session are for students who wish to work on different elements of AIKIDO training on their own or with other stduents. These training opportunities are not formal classes, are not led by an instructor, and Sunday Open Mat sessions do NOT count toward any rank’s requisite training hours.  Sunday Open Mat sessions are for the practice of AIKIDO only (no other martial arts).

There is no fee to attend. It is included in your monthly membership.  Students must, however, sign up to attend these sessions in advance using the calendar form below.  If you sign up to attend, make sure you go. Otherwise, one of your fellow students or teachers might be waiting for you by themselves at the DOJO early on a Sunday morning. So, please be courteous.

*An exception might be made for a MU-KYU student preparing for their first rank.

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