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Learn AIKIDO online, remotely from anywhere! For those with sufficient patience and commitment, Castle Rock AIKIDO offers a Distance Learning AIKIDO Program. The Virtual DOJO is the distance-learning component for Castle Rock AIKIDO. We are an over 15-year-old, multi-award-winning AIKIDO self-defense school between Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. The Virtual DOJO is for those interested in learning AIKIDO directly from us, but do not live within a reasonable distance of our location.

Technology has reached a point where this now possible, not easy, but possible. To our knowledge, this really has not been down before, at least not to any significant or effective degree.

Why Learn AIKIDO online?

Perhaps you live in a remote part of the United States or Canada where the closest AIKIDO DOJO is several hours away. Or, perhaps you live in a country where there is no AIKIDO training offered at all. You may not live too far away from us, but maybe you have an atypical employment schedule and regular class times don’t work for you. Well, now you can be a student and even earn rank through our Distance Learning AIKIDO Program.  These ranks are the same ranks as those issued in our in-person AIKIDO program offered near Denver and Colorado Springs.

Learning AIKIDO remotely is far more challenging than in-person training; and it will require considerable patience and commitment from a distance-learning student. Our Virtual DOJO is an on-going experiment – the first of its kind, to our knowledge.  AIKIDO is best and easiest learned when you can physically “feel” the techniques execute on you by your instructor and fellow students. This, of course, is not possible with remote learning. So, remote students will be required to be patient and tolerant of inherent challenges and limitations of learning from afar, including technology challenges.

For more information about the Distance Learning AIKIDO Program, or to initiate the membership application, complete the form below and we will promptly send you  our “Frequently Asked Questions” document in PDF format. We usually respond within the same day, sometimes immediately.

Now, if you have what it takes, you can learn AIKIDO online remotely from anywhere in the world. However, our Virtual DOJO is neither free, nor cheap. If you want free content from Castle Rock AIKIDO, please visit our YouTube Channel HERE.

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