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JODO wooden staff fighting is also know simple as the “Way of the Staff”.  Not to be confused with “JUDO”, this traditional Japanese wood weapons training for adults is a “moving Zen” practice. It is a fun, challenging, and rather esoteric system of weapons-based self-defense. Using a simple short wooden staff against a sword-armed opponent, JODO cultivates the precision and the flexibility of the staff to overcome the inherent advantages of a blade-wielding opponent.
This a minimal contact, paired forms-based art system that just about anyone can learn, even those with some joint issues like the knees, back, neck, hips, and shoulders.  It is a perfect option for those who are unable to participate in more dynamic arts like AIKIDO that typically require significant amounts of falling and rolling.
The JODO program is open to men and women ages 18 and over (no exceptions). JODO is the smallest of our programs, so students enjoy and benefit from a high degree of attention from instructors in class.  We have open enrollment all year and we are presently accepting new students. No JODO or any other martial arts experience is required. 
The Castle Rock JODO program is overseen by our instructor and AUSKF JODO technical advisor, 6th Degree Black Belt, Thomas Groendal Sensei. Our style of JODO is called SHINDO MUSO-RYU JODO.


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Why Practice Jodo?

The main purpose to learn JODO lies in defeating the opponent without attacking. It’s spirit is not to injure the opponent, but to utilize the techniques with absolute control and restraint thereby demonstrating the true versatility of the weapon. The meaning of this spirit lies outside the normal understanding of the traditional “combat” image.  Learning and studying JODO is in effect training your mind and body. In essence, the practice of JODO is the practice of “moving Zen”. What one learns is not only dexterity of movement, but also development of the spirit. The protective, self-defense benefits derived from JODO traditional Japanese weapons training for adults are obvious, but those thought to be of greatest value are less so. They include:


  • the development of courtesy, truthfulness, sincerity and patience;
  • the body becomes stronger and more active;
  • improved posture and more efficient breathing;
  • you gain self-confidence and project such outwardly;
  • you cultivate a better sense of judgment in everyday life; and
  • you will have better overall relationships with others.

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Not from Colorado? Visit Groendal Sensei at his school: HOSHU DOJO in Portland, Oregon.

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