Book: Inner BUSHIDO

INNER BUSHIDO: Strength without Conflict
(a Bushido martial arts philosophy book)
by Sean Hannon SENSEI

The Japanese SAMURAI warriors have always intrigued Western cultures. In 1899, a Japanese native named INAZO NITOBE published a book called BUSHIDO: The Soul of Japan. As such, it was recognized as the first major work in English on SAMURAI ethics and Japanese culture. The book was the considered by many to be the first collective statement of the seven virtues of BUSHIDO.  Quickly embraced by the West, it was heralded as a staple for understanding SAMURAI virtues of feudal Japan. Despite it broad distribution now for more than a century, Western audiences still fail to assimilate BUSHIDO virtues in a manner consistent with 21st century society.

Therefore, Inner Bushido: Strength without Conflict attempts to challenge many long-held assumptions surrounding BUSHIDO ethics. It offers a practical, refreshing re-interpretation of the classic seven virtues. Author Sean Hannon offers an unorthodox perspective of the so-called “ancient” system of values. He offers a refreshing, non-dogmatic, and intellectually-honest exploration of the SAMURAI code of honor. Lastly, he makes it applicable to a Western audience’s contemporary, daily life.

Readers will be surprised at some of Hannon’s assertions, interpretations, and contentions. Not only will readers have a better appreciation for the tenets of feudal BUSHIDO, but they will benefit from its virtues in a 21st century context. This book is not just for AIKIDO and other martial artists, but for anyone interested exhibiting true strength without conflict in their personal lives.

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About the Author:

Inner Bushido book author Sean Hannon, martial arts philosophySean Hannon trains numerous Japanese martial arts since the 1980s. In the mid-2000s, he opened a traditional, Japanese self-defense school for adults. The school located between Denver and Colorado Springs offers training in AIKIDO, KATANA (IAIDO – Japanese sword-drawing), and JODO.

He was a student of, and trained in seminar with, talented instructors from all over the US, Japan, and other countries. Sean learned the Japanese arts of KARATE, AIKIDO, IAIDO, KYUDO, and JODO.  In the summer of 2013, he won the MURAKAMI Cup at a national Japanese sword-drawing competition.

Sean is an avid writer on the subjects of AIKIDO, Japanese martial arts philosophy. Specifically, he shares how to apply such in contemporary society. His writings, philosophy, and articles are published and cited in The Denver Post, The Wall Street Journal, and The AIKIDO Journal. He’s even received mention in a European AIKIDO publication, a graduate thesis at Texas A&M University, and was featured in a 2010 issue of AIO magazine, a trade journal. Read his full bio HERE. His BUSHIDO martial arts philosophy book is also available for purchase on

Or, you can get a free, signed copy of INNER BUSHIDO by coming to try an AIKIDO, IAIDO (KATANA) or JODO class for free at Castle Rock AIKIDO.
bushido martial arts philosophy award-winning book

Author Sean Hannon receives two-awards at the 2013 CIPA Evvy Awards dinner in Denver for his book: Inner Bushido – Strength without Conflict