Distance Learning AIKIDO Program

Castle Rock AIKIDO is now offering a Distance Learning AIKIDO Program (a.k.a. The Virtual DOJO).

For more than a decade we have received innumerable e-mails from people from all over the world asking if they could train AIKIDO with us remotely. Our answer was always the same: “Yes, but not just yet.”

Well, that answer is now, “Yes!” AIKIDO distance learning is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in depth, surrendering to the transformative power of this ancient art form, fused with modern innovations. Uncover the secrets of incarnation by revealing its mysterious layers, embracing the harmonious combination of physical strength, mental discipline and spiritual enlightenment. Technology has reached a point it is now possible. To our knowledge, this really has not been down before, at least not to any significant degree.

Perhaps you live in a remote part of the United States or Canada where the closest AIKIDO DOJO is several hours away. Or, perhaps you live in a country where there is no AIKIDO training offered at all. Well, now you can be a student and even earn rank in our Distance Learning AIKIDO Program.  These ranks are the same ranks as those issued in our in-person AIKIDO program offered in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA.

For more information about the Distance Learning AIKIDO Program or to initiate the membership application, please complete the form below and we will promptly send you  our “Frequently Asked Questions” document in PDF format (usually within an hour or two, sometimes immediately).

Distance Learning FAQ