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However, we do not keep typical business hours.
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Castle Rock AIKIDO
185 Caprice Court #5
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Phone: 720-221-3665
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We cannot receive mail or packages at our Caprice Court address.

Castle Rock AIKIDO
4833 Front St. B200
Castle Rock, CO 80104

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Contact Castle Rock AIKIDO today to experience fun, effective self-defense and traditional Japanese martial arts for adults.
Come try or watch a class for free. Group classes or private instruction available.
Sorry, we do not teach children.

In Japan, AIKIDO is the one self-defense method chosen for instruction to the elite Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police and Secret Police. The reason for this is the extreme flexibility inherent in the art. Thus, AIKIDO technique can be applied at varying levels of severity from the most gentle controlling techniques to the most severe countermeasures. Correspondingly, this self-defense system is ideal for application to a wide range of defensive situations, including law-enforcement, medical or mental-health environments, civilian self-defense, and women’s self-defense. Unquestionably, AIKIDO can be flexibly adapted to whatever situation arises; techniques were developed to face a array of assaults by single or multiple attackers. Today, we continue this tradition by instructing AIKIDO to a wide-range of organizations which need decisive, effective defensive skills.

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We won another award in 2022. Thank you Castle Rock! Come find out why we rack up so many accolades.

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