AIKIDO Philosophy Articles

A Visit to the Colorado TORI Shrine at Shambala

by Sean Hannon Sensei Late this summer, I took a weekend drive up to the Shambala Mountain Retreat near Red Feather Lake, Colorado.  I’d heard about […]

Twilight Samurai

When people think about a Japanese samurai movie, one assumes it will be full of stereotypical sword fights and gratuitous bloodshed.  However, 2002’s The Twilight Samurai surprised […]

AIKIDO for Stress Relief

A unique Japanese form of self-defense that provides stress relief? How’s that possible?​ There is a great form of stress relief available in Castle Rock. AIKIDO […]

Humility: The Nature of AIKIDO

What is Humility? How does it relate to AIKIDO? There is a quality of humility that is a core aspect of in the nature of AIKIDO. […]

The Greater Good

The Positive KI Energy of AIKIDO Positive thoughts create positive results.  This is something that is starting to be talked about more and more these days; […]


by Tip Harris SENSEI As I recently celebrated my 80th birthday, I presume that I have reached the point where I am considered a “senior martial […]

YAKUSOKU-KEIKO: The NAGE and UKE Relationship in AIKIDO Training

When we train in AIKIDO, we use the KATA method of training.  That is, after the SENSEI has demonstrated the attack and defense, and demonstrated the […]

The Importance of AIKIDO Basics

AIKIDO is different from other martial arts in that we can harness a weaker or smaller force to overcome a stronger or larger force or opponent.  […]

Along the Way

“The Way is in training.” – Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) by Dan Duche People train AIKIDO for a variety of different reasons.  Recently, I was sharing with […]

The Book of Five Rings: Introduction

The Classic Japanese Text on the Way of Strategy by Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) Part 1 of 6 Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings is a classic Japanese […]