Student Resources

Financial Policies, FAQs, & Membership Cancellation Instructions

Unlike many other martial arts schools, CRA does not force students to sign lengthy, time-based contracts or charge prohibitive upfront costs. As such, we do expect students to respect the school’s fair and generous financial policies.

Please read our Membership FAQs page, which includes easy, one-step instructions on how to cancel your membership.

Castle Rock AIKIDO Student Handbook

CRA Student Handbook -Current – Updated 2023 April

Here is the most current version of the Castle Rock AIKIDO Student Handbook.  In it you will find all sorts of information related to philosophy, etiquette, and rank criteria that will accelerate your learning of Aikido.  The handbook is updated several times each year. Please check back regularly for updates.

Castle Rock AIKIDO YouTube Channel

Visit YouTube Channel

There’s a ton of excellent content on the the free CRA YouTube Channel.  You find instructional videos plus clips from over ten years worth of our seminars with special guest from all over the country.  Don’t forget to subscribe to it!

Castle Rock AIKIDO Virtual DOJO

Active students have access to over 150 professionally-filmed AIKIDO training videos covering an array of topics from fundamental principles and concepts, basic exercises, weapons work, KYU level testing techniques and much more.  Login credentials are available at the DOJO’s front desk or call 720-221-3665.