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…no matter what your age.
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Offering Weekday Evenings,

Weekend Group Classes


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Experience our adult-exclusive environment. 

Absolutely no kids stuff!


This is a place for adults to
train, learn, relax and socialize.

Do you think martial arts should be
more than just punching and kicking?
So do we.


Do you think martial arts should be
about cultivating restraint,
and not just aggression?
So do we.


Do you think martial arts should be
about avoiding conflict,
and not just defeating people?
So do we.


Do you think martial arts should also be
about personal growth,
and not just personal defense?
So do we.


Do you think you should be able to practice martial arts
without going to work the next day covered in injuries?
So do we.


Sounds like you’re perfect for Aikido!
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About our School (DOJO)

Group Aikido Classes

Our core program is the Group Aikido Classes, which are held throughout the weekday evenings and on weekends.  Students of all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) train together and all may attend any of these class offerings.  These dynamic, often fast-paced group classes can be anywhere from 6 to 20 students and offer a wide variety of sized and skilled training partners.  Non-smoking adults are invited to complete the above form to receive an invitation to visit. You may try or watch a class for free.




Weapon Arts: Japanese Katana (IAIDO) and JO Staff

We also offer two unique weapon arts: Iaido and JodoThese arts are also for adults only.  These weapons arts are historical in nature and teach principles of traditional combat that translate to contemporary open-hand self-defense. Of course, these weapon arts are not necessarily “practical” in today’s common environments as people no longer walk around wearing traditional Japanese swords.  But they are both incredibly fun.  These weapon arts involve minimal contact. Iaido and Jodo are excellent for all adult ages, but are  particularly valuable for “the aging athlete” who may struggle with knees, back, and shoulder issues. These are standing arts that do not require falling, rolling, or kneeling.



Private Aikido & Iaido Instruction

For those wanting a less dynamic, more focused and attentive instruction, private instruction may be more appropriate for you.  We offer both 1-on-1 (one student and one instructor) and 2-on-1 (two students and one instructor) private instruction throughout the week during non-group class hours. More specific training objectives and challenges can be addressed in these classes.

We have found that retired men (often retired military with injuries), those who generally don’t think they would function well in group environments, as well as females who may have experienced a physical assault in the past often prefer some private instruction prior to joining the regular group classes.

NOTE: Private instruction is pre-paid in non-refundable packages. Please contact us to inquire further.


Family Aikido Instruction

Our group Aikido classes are adult-exclusive – that is, no one under 18 years of age is permitted in our Group Classes Aikido program.  We make no exceptions.  However… under very specific circumstances, we will permit semi-private instruction to families serious about wanting to learn Aikido together.  Children must be at least eleven years old to be considered. Please contact us to inquire about Family Aikido Instruction.




Aikido Distance Learning

Castle Rock AIKIDO offers an online, Distance Learning AIKIDO Program (a.k.a. The Virtual DOJO).  Students from other states or anywhere in the world can train with Castle Rock AIKIDO instructors via pre-recorded video and interactive communication.  You can even earn rank from us!  This process takes longer and, of course, is a considerable commitment, but is available for those who do not live or work within a reasonable distance from an Aikido school.  Distance Learning Students are full-fledged members of the school and may visit the physical DOJO in Colorado anytime they would like.  For more information about Distance Learning with us:  CLICK HERE



Aikido Seminars

We host between 1-3 Aikido seminars throughout the year with some of the art’s most-popular, most-talented, and most-sought-after Aikido instructors in the profession.  These Aikido seminars are open to the public, to all Aikido practitioners of any school, and of any Aikido affiliation or no Aikido affiliation. To be placed on the Aikido seminar mailing list, please complete the form at the top of this webpage.



Aikido, Iaido and Jodo are not only fun martial arts and great stress-relieving exercise, but embrace a practical philosophy useful in everyday life and in everyday situations. CEOs, business managers, employees, teacher, students and parent practice these arts, yes, to defend themselves, but also to help them be more productive, level-minded and to help improve their conflict resolution skills.

Castle Rock AIKIDO is an adult-exclusive martial art school. Working adults and parents need a place where they can get a great workout, shake off daily stress and not have to think about children or other family obligations for a few  hours each week. In fact, it is very common for couples/parents to train Aikido together or come on opposite nights.

We love kids. However, our adult Aikido program is exclusively for adults… no exceptions. You might even say that our program is a “playground for adults.” Children already have so many different activities to participate in. It’s time us adults have a place and an activity just for us.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only martial arts school in the greater Denver area offering adult-exclusive classes. CLICK HERE to read why we offer this unique service.

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Non-smokers only, please!


We Value Simplicity and Transparency.
Our Aikido & Iaido programs has…

Month-to-month Tuition

No Belt Fees

No Testing Fees*

No Certificate Fees

No Association Fees

No Annual Fees

No Tuition Increases

No Nonsense!

Our programs are so good, we don’t have to trap you into costly, timed-based “contracts” like so many other martial arts schools!

We won another award in 2022.
Thank you Castle Rock!

Come find out why we rack up so many accolades.

  • "I am impressed with the comfortable balance between friendliness and discipline...

    What an authentically Japanese Aikido school!"

    Ryoko Fusatani
    Castle Rock, CO
  • "I would have never believed that an art where I'm out of breath and sweating profusely just minutes into class could be so fun and enjoyable!

    Aikido will be a lifelong pursuit for me..."

    Castle Rock, CO
  • "The instructors are a wonderful mixture of discipline, dedication, confidence  and encouragement.

    The students are respectful and friendly. This has been a very welcome positive discovery."

    Pastor Rob White
    Castle Rock, CO
  • "I am grateful for the gift of personalized instruction they give and I also appreciate the organized and clean facility."

    Larkspur, CO
  • "The energy in the school is excellent and has the right Aikido spirit.  Leave the ego at the door is the best policy!

    Aikido has helped me in every area of life. What an art!!!"

    John L
    Palmer Lake, CO

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(*) Black Belt ranks have a modest testing fee.