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On Tuesday evening, March 10th, nearly forty people in Castle Rock attended a powerfully enlightening and wonderfully humorous lecture with American Zen master Jun Po from Appleton, Wisconsin.  The free lecture, entitled Zen for the Modern American, was held at Castle Rock AIKIDO.  Everyone sat in a semi-circle on meditation mats provided by some of the attendees.  In the center sat Jun Po. 
Jun Po has spent over thirty-five years studying, practicing, and teaching Zen Buddhism.  He is one of only about twenty Zen Masters in the United States.  At nearly 70 years old, Jun Po is a tall, confident, physically fit man with peacefully piercing eyes and a soft, yet resonant voice.  Jun Po is also a successful survivor of stage IV throat cancer, which, no doubt, has contributed to his insightful perspective on life.  Jun Po shared with us how to cultivate happiness in our daily lives by transforming negative emotions, and showing us how to discover a clear, open channel for awakening our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Pictured left to right: Aikido Student and the evening's event coordinator, Len Silverston (Kensho), Castle Rock AIKIDO owner, Sean Hannon, Zen Master Jun Po, and Doshin from the Denver Zen Center.
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Sacred Laughter: Zen Master Junpo Visits Dojo