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Aikido Mitsugi Saotome Sensei - Aikido Video Clip

When watching Mitsugi Saotome Sensei, you definitely see both the martial side and the art side of Aikido. Having been an uchi deshi to Osensei and granted the rank of 8th dan at the young age of 36, Saotome Sensei is highly respected throughout the martial arts world. 

As you can see by watching this You Tube video, Saotome Sensei's technique is incredibly powerful.  Note his direct, linear entering of each technique without compromising fluidity in its execution.  He surgically inserts linear, karate-like atemi, (empty hand strikes) and samurai sword movements into several of the Aikido techniques. Also, observe his definitive sense of certainty and confidence in every single movement. 

When Saotome Sensei applies a technique, he first gets uke on to the tip of the uke's toes, thus taking away his balance to a point where uke can no longer hold on. Only then does Saotome Sensei execute the throw or pin. 

In my opinion, this is the ultimate technical objective in the practice of Aikido - when uke feels as if he (or she) is on the edge of a cliff about to fall, and it is only your guidance that directs him into the throw. We'll show more of this in future editions, dealing with musubi or connection.
Welcome to the "Virtual Dojo" for Castle Rock AIKIDO located in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA.  Now you can supplement your martial arts training and learn aikido online for free.  Here our instructors and staff expand upon their instruction from their Aikido classes by offering their preferred video clips of present and past Aikido masters from Japan, the United States, and elsewhere around the world.  Included is their own instructional commentary of each video.*  

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Aikido Seki Shihan - Aikido Video Clip

Shoji Seki Shihan is a highly respected Honbu instructor . His technique is extremely neat, clean and crisp. His power is easily recognized, but if you watch with a keen eye, you'll notice that one of his uke's seems to be having a tough day. Nonetheless, Seki Shihan adapts and doesn't get upset by his uke's fumble.  Instead, he does what's necessary to join forces with his uke and make something of their relationship. He attends to his uke's need of a bit more reaction time. 

As if Seki Shihan's technique was not enough, you'd be even more hard pressed to find anyone giving him anything but compliments.  Though I have not yet met him, I have learned that he takes his aikido career very seriously. He doesn't drink or smoke, which, contrary to American-perceived stereotypes, is unusual in Japan. Furthermore, he has a great demeanor and is truly helpful to others. 

One of my teachers says that you can tell alot about a person by his or her posture and how he carries himself - even just his walk. Watch Seki Sensei bow both at the beginning and end of his demo.  His back is straight and his bows are low, clean, and crisp. A fair amount of time is spent with his head down indicating that he has deep respect for his training, his uke, and the art. He is a modern samurai whom I strive to model myself after.
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