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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
Aikido Testing Requirements
The examination system in Aikido is not structured on competition. Your progression will be graded on the following criteria: 

  • Your understanding of basic Aikido technique appropriate to your level
  • Your spontaneous movement and response appropriate for the attack
  • Your ability to blend and adapt your movement to the force of the attack
  • The concentration and awareness you maintain throughout the examination
  • Continuity and fluidity of movement (not necessarily speed)
  • Confidence and courage are important (not ego)
Be prepared to act as uke for someone else of your same level during the examination period. You will also be graded on your ukemi, particularly in your ability “to follow” techniques as uke.

A technique should be demonstrated continuously both left and right sides until there is a signal from the examiner(s) to stop. Both entering (OMOTE) and pivoting (URA) movements should be used whenever applicable. You will be expected to know and respond to the Japanese terms during examination. 

It is also necessary to have completed the requisite number of hours of training and it is necessary that sufficient time has passed since the previous examination.  Be sure to accurately record your hours of training in the dojo student log.
Testing Fees for ranks under black belt are $50.00 each. *
Black belt testing fee (sho-dan) is $100.00. 

* There are no KYU level testing fees for those who started Aikido after June 2013.
Testing Fees:
There are an infinite number of techniques in the art of Aikido.  It would be impossible to list them all.The following represents the minimum testing criteria for each Aikido rank at Castle Rock AIKIDO.  Each rank is cumulative. Students must be able to execute all techniques for the rank being tested for plus all techniques from the preceding ranks. The techniques listed here may not be comprehensive. 


Please consult the most recent edition of the AIKIDO Student Handbook for the most up-to-date requirements.

What does an AIKIDO test look like?  
The video below is a good example of a middle rank Aikido test.