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MUSUBI: Connections...
In marriage, they say "aka ito de musubu," which means connected by a red thread.  It's kind of like finding one's soul mate.  I think often times we forget our connection to our inner selves, nature and the Universe. On our recent trip to Japan, I was reminded of this as we visited many sites that both centered and focused me. We visited Kamakura, Asakusa, Mount Fuji and Munakata Taisha.  I can't explain why but I was particularly moved while at Munakata Taisha. Perhaps, it's due to my spouse's ancestors were priests at the shrine there. When visiting traditional sites like these in Japan I always get inspired in my vision to share with others the gifts I have been given by those who have come before me.

It's amazing when practicing Aikido, I forget time, have no worries, feel in harmony with others and at peace with myself.  These are the gifts I intend to share with you and hope you will share with others. It's all about those connections.  That is why I practice Aikido.

I am often asked why I practice Aikido. I always pause for a moment before I answer, and I think back to all of my experiences in Aikido, both in Japan and the United States.  I tell them it comes down to connections.  It's the connections to wonderful people from all over the world and the relationships that one builds in their Aikido journey.  It's the feeling of being at home and connected no matter where you go or what dojo you visit.  It's the physical connection to others through the grabbing of someone so that they may practice a technique, and so, in turn, that I may practice following, going with the flow and ukemi.  In Japanese they call connection "Musubi".  It could be translated as “to tie, connect, or bond.”