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Aikido Philosophy Corner
I believe this is the essence of Aikido. Aikido is often translated as "the way of harmony," and that is why an Aikido dojo has such a different feeling to it than many other kinds of martial arts schools.  Through Aikido, we learn to create harmony… not conflict.  It is a great feeling to recognize that we can choose to be harmonious with any given situation, rather than constantly fight it.  Aikido helps us embrace this awareness.

It is the application of the principles of Aikido in daily life that is most valuable. An Aikido instructor once said that, “Aikido practice is your daily life, or vice versa.” If you cannot make it to the dojo to train physically, think of how you can practice irimitenkan or kokyu-ho with your co-workers.  Perhaps verbally, one can fend off an "attack" and redirect it toward the betterment of the relationship with your co-worker, the company and society as a whole. This is the technique I try to perfect on a daily basis. I believe this is the ultimate technique, the ultimate purpose of Aikido training. 
What is the strongest technique in Aikido? I’ll bet that everybody has thought of this question at least once. We learn many different techniques in our Aikido practice, but which one is the strongest? Yonkyo? Iriminage? Kotegaeshi?  To help answer this question, I’d like to share one of my favorite stories about Aikido.

One curious student asks his master this question, "Sensei, what is the strongest technique in Aikido?" The master responds, "The greatest technique in Aikido is the ability to become friends with the one who attacked you." 
KA- WAZA: The Strongest Technique in Aikido