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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
Aikido Dojo News & Events - July 2008
Once you step into the dojo, you can instantly sense the difference compared to our previous Aikido school locations. The lobby is designed to instill a sense of Japanese Zen or tranquility.  The clean décor, soft light, bamboo plants and water fountain all are intended to help students transition their mental-emotional state from one of chaos, overwhelm, and frustration at work to one of calm serenity ready to learn Aikido.  Our dojo is now a place where you can leave all your daily “baggage” at the door and prepare to train.  It’ll still be there when you leave, but you might notice that it is significantly lighter and smaller than it was when you entered.  

The actual workout space itself is covered with wall-to-wall Japanese tatami-style mats, which are ideal to practicing martial arts like Aikido.  Some of our older students remember that we used to train on gymnastic mats, wrestling mats, and even occasionally on grass!  These were all less than ideal circumstance to say the least!  Furthermore, an authentic, traditional Japanese shomen with a prominent portrait of Morihei Ueshiba or Osensei (Aikido’s founder) now greets you as you enter the workout space.  This was something else we didn’t have at our previous locations. 

There is a renewed, inspiring energy and excitement at each and every Aikido class.  It goes without saying that we have definitely taken our program to a whole different level at the new dojo.  So I cannot express enough how fortunate we are to be able to train in a space like the new dojo of Castle Rock AIKIDO.  

Thank you to school owner Sean Hannon for financing the purchase and renovation of the building and to all of our students who have stayed with us through our many transitions on our way to creating the incredible program we have today.  I want to thank all the people who helped and supported us with the new dojo. 

We look forward to many years of growing our school and teaching to others an art that has greatly contributed to the richness of our lives.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our new dojo in Castle Rock.  Finally, we have our very own space that both looks and feels like a real martial arts Aikido school.  A dojo is not just a workout space.  It is a peaceful, sacred place for one to forge their mind, body, and spirit.  Our new Aikido home, located just off Interstate 25 at exist 182 in Castle Rock, is an authentic and traditional setting dedicated exclusively to the practice of Aikido. 
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