Have you ever been really excited to reconnect with an old friend you haven’t seen in years only to discover that you no longer have much in common with one another?  It’s kind of sad.  The relationship feels awkward, the conversation forced.  Such an experience is rare in Aikido relationships.  Aikido relationships are often timeless.  What I mean is that no matter how much time has gone by, the next time you see each other it seems as if you were just together the day before.  
Aikido friendships are timeless is because Aikido provides an intimate “language” for two people to build or rebuild rapport with each other quickly.  In this sense, you might say that Aikido is an instant reacquainter.  

Lots of activities and experiences can create a sense of timelessness, but Aikido is particularly exceptional at eliciting such.  When consciously practiced, experiencing timelessness in Aikido becomes almost second-nature, which may, in part, account for the almost addictive attributes of Aikido training.

While not necessarily named as such, many students describe having the experience of timelessness during Aikido class.  In fact, timelessness may just be a more creative, fancy way of saying “the present.” Timelessness is more than just “time passing quickly” while training.  In fact, it is not about the speed of time at all, but the more like the “absence of time.” Ideally, during class there should be nothing but the present but this can be very challenging to some.  Ideally, there should be no sense of time.

Many people blame stress for their chronic sense of exhaustion.  In my opinion, stress is caused by a failure to live in the present.  I see people constantly focusing on the fear they have of the future or focusing on guilt they have from the past. Living without presence and gratitude is a recipe for exhaustion.  If this describes your life, then you need to train Aikido with us in Castle Rock.  Aikido, you might say, is a holistic tonic for chronic exhaustion because it forces the participant to focus completely on the present.  Living in the present, among many other things, rejuvenates the adrenal glands and revitalizes one’s spirit.  Aikido actual creates energy in your body that you can use at work or at home the very next day.  In fact, one of my teacher’s back in Japan is in his late eighties, practices Aikido everyday and is a spitfire of energy and happiness.

So, as the Holidays pass and the New Year begins, maybe now is a great time not just to set new goals for the year, but to actually create that change suddenly and drastically in our lives.  Aikido can be just the vehicle to spawn that change we crave – and perhaps learning to recognize a sense of timelessness in our lives is one way to achieve this.  Come experience timelessness at Castle Rock AIKIDO and discover within yourself a power you never knew you had!  

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Aikido Philosophy Corner
Aikido, Friendship, & Timelessness

At the risk of sounding too much like a corny, metaphysical life coach, I’d like to discuss the concept of “timelessness” in this month’s Philosophy Corner.  Timelessness is something that I think many of us experience regularly (or should experience).  However, I do not think many of us consciously recognize timelessness when experienced, and, therefore, its great benefits often go unappreciated.  
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