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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Private Instruction - Aikido Lessons
Castle Rock AIKIDO offers private instruction for adults that either cannot make it to the weekday evening and weekend group AIKIDO classes, those would like extra training time, or those would seeking 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 attention.

Private instruction for kids or family can be considered under very specific circumstances.
Option 1:  

One-on-One Private Instruction 
(One student and one instructor)
75 minute classes
Must be paid in advance to avoid "no shows"
Please call for pricing (720) 221-3665
Option 2: (Recommended)

Two-on-One Private Instruction 
(Two students and one instructor)
90 minutes classes
Must be paid in advance to avoid "no shows"
Please call for pricing (720) 221-3665
Private instruction is available seven days a week. 
Private instruction is sold in of 6 or 10 lesson packages.
Private instruction must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.
Please call to inquire.

Content covered during private instruction includes: 

  • Basic footwork (ASHI SABAKI);
  • Basic bodywork (TAI SABAKI);
  • Basic falling and rolling (UKEMI);
  • Basic open-hand techniques (WAZA);
  • Basic principles of addressing multiple attackers (RANDORI) and;
  • Basic weapons work including the sword (BOKKEN), staff (JO), and knife (TANTO).
self-defense private lessons
aikido private lessons
I'm extremely impressed with the program of instruction at Castle Rock AIKIDO.  Not only are the instructors knowledgeable and patient with students, they also have a great sense of how to progress students to higher levels in the art.
- James, US Navy (retired)
Castle Rock
...immerse yourself in practice with friendly and supportive students and instructors.  
- Bobby
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
I truly enjoy working and learning from everyone in class taught by experienced and patient instructors.
- Jason
Aikido Black Belt from Centennial, CO
"...The instructors are top notch; they teach you to crack the façade of a stressful mind and teach you to fill in the gaps with the focus, patience, and ease that are so unique to a martial art.
-  Devon
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults