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After last year's very successful "Introduction to Japanese Archery" workshop at Castle Rock AIKIDO, we are very pleased to announced that Castle Rock AIKIDO intends to offer KYUDO as part of its curriculum in Castle Rock this year.

Castle Rock AIKIDO is presently making facility preparations to add Japanese Archery to its curriculum. The Castle Rock KYUDO program is intended to begin sometime this Spring or early Summer and will be open to adult men and women, and mature-minded teenagers 13 and above.

We expect the program to be an official affiliate of Zenko International, the organization which oversees the operations of the Kanjuro Shibata Sensei XX lineage and the HEKI-RYU BISHI CHIKURIN-HA style of Kyudo.

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KYUDO: Japanese Archery Instruction
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Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
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KYUDO, the Way of the Bow, was recognized as the highest discipline of SAMURAI warriors. Over time, it has become a contemplative practice of the Spirit.

Japanese archery, as was taught by SHIBATA KANJURO XX SENSEI (1921-2013), is a meditation practice that clears and refines the mind. SHIBATA SENSEI, a master of the HEKI-RYU BISHI CHIKURIN-HA school of Kyudo, and retired bow maker to the Emperor of Japan, came to the United States in the mid-1980s at the invitation of a renowned Tibetan meditation master.

KYUDO is a moving meditation. It strengthens the synchronization of mind and body. Focusing on the physical form of KYUDO puts one’s mind at ease by overriding conscious thought. Relating to the precision of the form, a natural process of development unfolds; hesitation, fear, and other conflicting emotions subside, allowing serenity and strength to co-exist.

With each shot the Way of the Bow unfolds allowing one’s natural dignity to shine through.

New students of the Castle Rock KYUDO program will participate in some seated meditation, as well as learn all about the history of Japanese archery, our style and 300-year lineage of KYUDO, how to care for all of the equipment used in KYUDO (uniform, glove, bow, string, and arrow). Students will spend the preponderance of their training time learning the Seven-Step Form (or KATA) called SHICHI-DO. This is the carefully coordinated and mindfully executed prearranged steps of establishing proper body position and mindset, nocking the arrow, drawing the bow and releasing the arrow.