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Simple wall scrolls 
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Anatomy of a Japanese Wall Scroll 
Just about any design you can imagine, these artists can create for you!
This dynamic duo doesn't make their Japanese style scrolls out of low quality paper or cloth.  Instead, only the very best writing paper (Hanshi) and silk materials (Shiruku) imported directly from Japan are selected to make each scroll customized and unique. 

They use only natural, environmentally-friendly glues (Shoufu Nori) in their hand-made wall scrolls because synthetic or chemically-manufactured glues, that many other manufacturers use, simply do NOT maintain the integrity of the scroll.

Furthermore, other businesses have disclaimers about potential defects in their craftsmanship and provide only vague explanations of who wrote the calligraphy.  This will never happen with a hand-made scrolls made by this talented, married couple.  
The Artists - Yoshimi Yamada & Jonathan Maples
Jonathan Maples trained for several years in Japan to become a Hyoushoshi, which is the general term for one who makes Kakemono and Kakejiku wall scrolls. Jonathan handles all of the non-calligraphy  elements (matting, framing) in the production of their Japanese Wall Scrolls.  He has also written a book on how to make hand-made wall scrolls.
Yoshimi Yamada Sensei is a master calligrapher in the art of Shodou.  She is a formally ranked teacher of Japanese calligraphy, trained for many years in Japan, and is affiliated only with Japanese-based calligraphy societies.  Her teacher bestowed upon her the calligraphy name of 'Ryugyoku' which means "Dragon Egg."  This name was derived from her Sensei's (teacher's) own calligraphy name.  Yoshimi creates all the calligraphy for her wall scrolls.  Yoshimi also teaches a Japanese calligraphy class (or Shibu) at the community center in St. George, Utah.  
After selection and an accurate translation of your English words or phrase to Japanese characters (Kanji) has been made, and before any Urauchi are attached to the scroll, digital pictures are sent to you to allow you to see the progress of your scroll and to ensure you are satisfied with your selections.  This way you can be assured that your wall scroll (Kakejiku) is an original piece of art and not a cheaply reproduced copy. To our knowledge, no other company offers that type of service.  Our more than 40 years of combined experience gives you the peace of mind that you will get and receive only the highest quality custom artwork.

In addition, you will receive a certificate stamped with the official seal (or Hanko) of both the calligrapher (Ryugyoku) and the Hyoushoushi (Jonathan) to prove it is an original, authentic Kakejiku.

No Risk Opportunity - the quality of our scrolls is never in doubt. A refund is always available to you, prior to shipment, if you are not satisfied with the end product.
About Japanese Wall Scrolls

Japanese terms used to describe hanging wall scrolls include KAKEJIKUHYOUGU, and KAKEMONO.  However, Kakemono is a rather generic term and can refer to any artwork that hangs with or without calligraphy.  Therefore, the most appropriate terms to use for wall scrolls including calligraphy are KAKEJIKU and HYOUGU.  These terms came into fashion about 800 A.D. 

SHODOU, sometimes spelled SHODO, is the term used to describe the art of Japanese calligraphy. Shodou (pronounced 'show'-'dough') translates as "the way of writing."

HYOUSOU is the art of paper and glue.  It was brought to Japan during the Nara Period (Nara Jidai, years 710 - 794 A.D.) when an influx of artisans from China and Korea introduced the philosophy of Buddhism and the art of Hyousou to Japan.  Taking a liking to the art, families and individuals began wanting their ink calligraphy and ink paintings decoratively displayed in their homes - "dressed in a kimono" as it were.
Styles of Shodou Calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy has three main styles, or what Americans might think of a "font" styles.  These include:

A popular, standard style most often used in writing and for beginners

A semi-cursive style, which takes many years of practice to learn the "feel" of this style

A full-cursive style, which omits many of the brushstrokes or consolidates longer strokes into shorter ones making its legibility challenging requiring years of diligent, specialized training
"Thank you very much!  The scroll is beautiful and is hanging in our temporary dojo.  When we move to our new space it will hold a prominent position."
- Liz S.
Herdon, Virginia

Customer Testimonials 
"I received the scroll today.  I was so delighted when I unpacked it.  The scroll is a beautiful piece of art that my family and I will long treasure... This work will always have a place of distinction in our home... Thank you for making me smile all day."
- Nikki
Salida, Colorado
"I received the scroll - beautiful!  Nice touch with the certificate, as well." 
- Allen
How To Order a Scroll 
This webpage is an advertisement for the aforementioned scroll artists.  
The artists are not formally affiliated in any way with Castle Rock AIKIDO or FFN, LLC.
You will receive the very best from us and can expect to retain this scroll in your family for hundreds of years to be handed down as an heirloom of your legacy.

Ordering a Hakejiku is a very simple and even fun process.  After placing your order with us, it usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks for us to create and deliver your finished wall scroll. Pricing varies by size, but starts at just $55.00 for a simple Hanshi scroll.  

Please give some thought about the following while conceptualizing your scroll:
Click on the file below 
to Download a Worksheet Guide 
to help you design 
your own Kakejiku.
1.   The word(s), saying, imagery and/or style of the artwork you desire;
2.   The room, environment, and surrounding decor in which the scroll will be displayed; and
3.   Any personal preferences or requirements you may have.. 
There is no right way, wrong way, 
or single way to design your Hakejiku; 
only how your heart leads you to create your scroll.  
We'd be happy to assist you with your choices, as well.

There is no financial commitment to this form.
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The Production Process and Quality

Yoshimi and Jonathan's traditional, Japanese wall scroll business is the only one in the United States that creates from start to finish, the entire manufacturing process in-house. Unlike other companies, they do NOT outsource textile framing or other portions of the process to countries like China.