Iaido Seminar w/ ODA KATSUO Sensei - February 2013
In February ODA , Katsuo Sensei (Iaido HANSHI 8th Dan and Kendo KYOSHI 7th Dan) visited the Denver area to lead an intensive, two-day seminar on the 12 fundamental KATA of SEITEI Iai. Students from Castle Rock IAIDO, Rocky Mountain Budokan, and several other students and schools from Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Nebraska attended the event, which was held during a big Colorado snowstorm.
ODA SENSEI was the number-one student of the late HAGA,TADATOSHI SENSEI. ODA SENSEI is a member of the ZEN NIPPON KENDO RENMEI (ZNKR) Iaido Committee, President of the SHIZUOKA Iaido Federation, and Vice-President of the SHIZUOKA KENDO RENMEI.  ODA SENSEI travels extensively throughout Europe, Australia and the Americas conducting seminars on behalf of the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF).  He is known for developing some of the most notable Iaido practitioners both inside and outside Japan.  In 1997, Oda Sensei was one of the guest instructors at the first All US Kendo Federation (AUSKF) Iaido Camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

LEFT: ODA SENSEI asks IWAKABE HIDEKI SENSEI to help explain some of the finer points of the beginning etiquette of Iaido called REI-HO.
ABOVE: ODA SENSEI demonstrates the initial draw and cut (NUKITSUKE) of MAE.

ODA SENSEI presently lives on Japan's main island of HONSHU, in the SHIZUOKA Prefecture of  Japan about 120 miles south west of TOKYO. SHIZUOKA is the home of the sacred and beautifully symmetrical Mt.Fuji volcano (FUJI-SAN).
You, too, can learn to use the Japanese KATANA.  Castle Rock IAIDO is presently accepting new students.  Beginners are welcome and no Iaido or other martial arts experience is necessary. 
RIGHT: ODA SENSEI demonstrates the initial draw of UKENAGASHI, the third form of SEITEI IAI.
LEFT: MINATO YUNOSUKE SENSEI from the Dallas area helps Matt from Castle Rock IAIDO with the proper angle of the blood-shedding action called CHIBURI.
ABOVE: Quick! Somebody grab a camera... IWAKABE SENSEI is cracking a smile!
ABOVE: Cooper Sensei helps Pamela, both from Dallas, with a hilt face strike called GANMEN-ATE.
ABOVE: Sean from Castle Rock IAIDO practices the resheathing movement called NOTO.
ABOVE: Martin of Castle Rock IAIDO received some good remarks from ODA SENSEI even though he's only been train IAIIDO for 3 months!
ABOVE: ODA SENSEI emphasized the importance of proper hand position when drawing the sword. "Soft touch" he would say repeatedly in a thck Japanese accent.
ABOVE: Pamela practices UKENAGASHI from the SEIZA position, which her fellow student from Dallas, Rob, practices a standing form of NUKITSUKE.
LEFT: SASAKI SENSEI from Omaha, Nebraska offers Martin from Castle Rock some guidance with a form.  SASAKI SENSEI will be hosting the annual national event for the AUSKF in June of 2013.
RIGHT: Mike Pattarozzi, assistant Iaido instructor at Castle Rock, practices the hip thrust portion of NUKITSUKE in the MAE form.
ABOVE: ODA SENSEI pauses for a group shot with members of the RMKIF, the Rocky Mountain Kendo / Iaido Federation.
ABOVE: The post-seminar part at The Mediterranean in downtown Boulder, Colorado was fun for everyone.
The photographs on this page were taken by Daemon Donigan , Bill Mathe, and Sean Hannon.
ABOVE: Several students, such as Patricia from Miami, tested for rank on Sunday morning.
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