Iaido Seminar w/ KISHIMOTO Sensei - February 2013
In February, the AUSKF (All United States Kendo Federation) sponsored the first Iaido education tour. Denver was included as one of the tour destinations. This tour focused on the fundamental elements of the art, intended to make sure the techniques and concepts of the Iaido are understood and are being correctly practiced in the United States. 

The tour is featuring KISHIMOTO CHIHIRO SENSEI as the visiting instructor. KISHIMOTO SENSEI is an 8th degree black belt in the art and he's a former ZEN NIPPON KENDO RENMEI Iaido Committee Chairman. He has also been the lead guest instructor at three AUSKF Iaido summer camps.

Making the education tour with KISHIMOTO SENSEI was KATO SHOZO SENSEI. KATO SENSEI is the AUSKF Vice President of Education and holds the rank of 7th degree black belt. 

You, too, can learn to use the Japanese KATANA.  Castle Rock IAIDO is presently accepting new students.  Beginners are welcome and no Iaido or other martial arts experience is necessary. 
The photographs on this page were taken by Thor of Ito Kendo Dojo in Denver and they have been reproduced on this webpage with permission.
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