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Castle Rock AIKIDO
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The Evolution of our Aikido Dojo

This is what the dojo looked like when we first purchased it from a furniture manufacturer. Yuck!
Here's what the dojo looked like once we finally got the old tenant out!
The lobby needed some work, too. A leak in the roof and an associated unintentional indoor waterfall greeted us the day we took possession. 
Eventually, the wall went up separating our new home from the then vacant adjacent unit.

Yeah! The tatami mats finally showed up!  But before we can put them down, we have to clean and prep the skylights... actually, I left most of that to others.
OK, I helped a little, but did so from the roof side.  
Carpet for the changing rooms.
First things first.  We had to get a picture of Osensei hung up!
OK. Now it is starting to look like a dojo!
Next, the changing rooms had to be built.  That took a while. These were later replaced with a simpler curtain system.
Here is pretty much the finished product.  We still have some work to do, but all in all, not bad I'd say.  The work out space is just under 2000 SF comprising almost 80 tatami mats.  Thank you to everyone who helped put it all together 10 years ago!
This was the original 'KAMIZA' that stood over 10 feet tall. Yikes! We eventually got our heads screwed on right and realized that it was too grandiose and needed a considerable amount of "ego" trimming. It is supposed to be an Aikido dojo, after all.
Once that was done the paint started to go up.
Tim was our broker. He was also a Castle Rock AIKIDO student.
Ten years later (2017), the dojo still looks mostly the same, don't you think? Especially that weird guy that's always at the desk. He came with the building, I think.
Thank you to everyone over the past 10 years that helped make this place such a success. A school is only as successful as the quality of its students and we definitely have the best students in the world!