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Photos from the 
Stroud Sensei Iaido Workshop in Colorado
October 27, 2012
LEFT: Jennifer Mayo perform 'KIRIOROSHI' during the first form called 'MAE' during her 'NI-KYU' test.
RIGHT: 'SHO-DAN' candidate Peter Alexander demonstrates a technique whereby he must prevent an attacker from drawing his sword by striking the knuckles of his opponent during a form called 'SHIHO-GIRI'.
RIGHT: Rocky Mountain Budokan member, Mike Miyamoto centers himself as he prepares to perform 'REI-HO' before beginning his test.
RIGHT: Sean Hannon executes a move called 'CHIBURI' meant to emulate the shedding or flicking of blood off the blade before retracting his sword back to its sheath.
ABOVE: Iwakabe, Hideki Sensei (center-white) hosted the weekend's seminar featuring special guest instructor Stroud, Robert Sensei (center-black) from Idaho Kendo Club in Boise, Idaho.
ABOVE: Iaido testing candidates all eagerly await their results.
LEFT: Seminar attendees stuff themselves at the all-you-can-eat buffet post-seminar!
LEFT: Hankins Sensei from Zen Bu Kan dojo in Salt Lake City, Utah assisted Stroud Sensei for much of the seminar.  Hankins Sensei brought several students with him to the seminar. Stroud Sensei enjoys a pale ale in the background.
LEFT: Sean Henderson of Rocky Mountain Budokan begins his 'SHO-DAN' test.
LEFT: Tullis, Scott Sensei (left) of Cheyenne Budokan in Wyoming reflects with 2nd degree black belt, Seth Rissmiller of Rocky Mountain Budokan about the finer points of the seminar.
ABOVE: Hankins Sensei jokes around before the group photograph.
ABOVE: Host, Iwakabe Hideki Sensei, of Rocky Mountain Budokan.