Q: What values does AIKIDO teach teenagers?

The art of AIKIDO, which loosely means "the way of harmonizing energy" in Japanese, professes a non-violent philosophy when it comes to self-defense and/or conflict resolution.  

However, the real value of learning AIKIDO come in the psycho-emotional and social-interactive benefits associated with AIKIDO training including:

Self-worth and self-confidence
Self-control, patience, and calmness of mind
Goal-setting, focus and concentration
Cooperation and cultivating Win-Win situations
Learning handle frustration, setbacks, and disappointment

Additionally, through the practice of Aikido teens will also learn principles of Japanese Bushido including:

Rectitude - Conducting oneself in a way that permits them to live free from guilt
Courage - Doing the right thing, which also usually means doing the hard thing
Benevolence - The ability to feel distress for other people's suffering
Politeness - Commanding respect and power through the execution of good manners
Truthfulness - Transcending self-created illusions and perfecting one's "perfect word"
Honor - Conducting oneself in a manner congruent with the utmost self-respect
Loyalty - Learning to listen to one's highest self

Q: Do parents have to sign a time-based contract like most other martial arts' schools?

No. We offer only a month-to-month program. In our opinion, if a martial arts program is good enough, it shouldn't have to force you to stay in the program with a contract. Doesn't that make sense?  

Many of other martial arts schools force their child students to sign one-, two-, even three-year contracts and make the parent(s) pay very large amounts of money upfront. We don't think this is a fair way to charge families since children often lose interest in activities quickly. We think it is inappropriate that parents should have to continue to pay (sometime for years) for an activity that their child no longer wants to participate in.  

Whether you join our program or not we always warn all parents: NEVER to join a martial arts program that requires you to sign a time-based contract. This is a major red flag!!!

Q: When can my child join the teen Aikido program?

Our teen program is open enrollment and he/she may join at any time.

Q: Can a friend of my child's join the program, too?

Absolutely. Your child can bring a friend anytime to come try a class for free. Just have their parents contact us ahead of time. A parent or guardian of a child must be present at the child's first class to sign a legal waiver.

Q: Who leads the Teen AIKIDO program?

Sean Hannon Sensei is the chief instructor of the teen Aikido program. You can click HERE to read more about him. Other senior students from the adult Aikido program sometimes assist. The program's curriculum is supervised by 3rd degree black belt Tip Harris Sensei and 4th degree black belt Ryan Goettsche Sensei.  

Q: Where are classes held?

Classes are held at our 2,500 SF facility in Castle Rock.
185 Caprice Ct. #5
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Q: Are martial arts uniforms required?

Yes. We will supply your teenager(s) with a proper AIKIDO uniform. A new uniform is included in the start up cost.

Q: I thought Castle Rock AIKIDO was exclusively for adults?

We operated in Castle Rock as a martial arts program exclusively for adults for our first 5 years of existence and our adult program will continue to be exclusively for adults. In 2011, we began offering a Teen program. Parents are, however, welcome to participate in the teen class if they would like. When kids turn 18 years old they are welcome to join the adult program, as well.

Q: What is the minimum age for this AIKIDO program?

Student must be at least 15 years old to participate in our Aikido program. 

Q: What is the ranking system for your Aikido program?

There are six full ranks under black belt. These are called 'KYU' ranks. ROKKYU or (6th rank) is the first of six ranks students will earn prior to earning a Junior Black Belt or YUDANSHA-KOHAI.

Q: How long does it take to earn a black belt in Aikido?

This, of course, depends on a great many of factors. However, in general, it takes between four and five years to earn a black belt in Aikido. There are no shortcuts to this process. Students can expect to test approximately once per year, sometimes a little more frequently. This frequency helps keep our fees low and prevents kids from becoming overly-focused on ego and rank.

Q: Can a parent take the class with their child?

Yes. Parents may also take the class if they would like.

Q: How much does the program cost?

Our program cost less than half of what some of other schools charge. Please call us to discuss the tuition.  

(720) 221-3665
Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults & Teens
Aikido classes for Teenagers
Our Teen Program teaches the same principles as the adult program but places particular emphasis on virtues of assertiveness, decisiveness, and empathy. 
You are welcome to come watch or try a class for FREE!
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The Teen AIKIDO program also makes the same promises to our committed Teen students as to our Adult students including:
While Castle Rock AIKIDO is over-whelmingly a martial arts school for adults, it also has a small, separate program reserved exclusively for committed, serious-minded teenagers ages 13 through 17.  This program is only for teenagers who are very serious about learning the traditional Japanese martial art of Japanese Aikido.  It is not a program for teens who are only casually interested in the martial arts.  
Our Teen program is substantially smaller than our Adult Aikido program because while Aikido is not better than any other martial art, the art of Aikido tends to attract a more mature, sophisticated, and introspective student than some other martial arts. 

Yes, self-defense is an objective and a benefit of Aikido training, but learning the art of Aikido teaches much more than just self-defense. It teaches principles that are often not of interest to many until adulthood.   
However, if you have one of those exceptional teenagers who possesses the necessary attributes, then he or she is welcome to try out for our exclusive Teen program!
Teens interested in training Aikido with us are welcome to try out for our teen-exclusive program; however, they must demonstrate proper amounts of attentiveness, maturity, and commitment to learning this challenging, yet rewarding martial art.  
  • No Contracts!
  • No Testing Fees!
  • No Belt Fees!
  • No Certificate Fees!
  • No Tuition Increases!
  • No Non-Sense...
I cannot say enough nice things about Castle Rock AIKIDO. Sean Sensei is one of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting and is an outstanding instructor. Our grand-daughter loves to attend the classes and always comes home excited to tell us what she has learned. I have watched several classes and am amazed at the quality of instructions. The teachers are very involved and the safety of the students is a priority. You can't go wrong with Castle Rock AIKIDO.

- Steven
Teen Aikido Grandparent

Aikido was something I wanted to practice for a few years, and it's better then what I could've expected here. The techniques are easy to follow and fun!

- Adam, 15

Aikido is awesome. Who doesn't want to learn how to throw people to the ground? 

- Jack, 15

Akido is great for the mind and the body. Great instructors, Great time. Can't get enough.

- Austin, 16

I am learning all kinds of things that will help me through life and akido is so much fun, but at the same time you learn how to defend your self. Akido is great and alot of fun!

- Madison, 13

Castle Rock Aikido provides me the great opportunity to understand Japanese culture. Myer Sensei & Hannon Sensei have allowed me to pursue self-improvement, as well.

- Benjamin, 17

​I am impressed with the comfortable balance between friendliness and discipline my son has been receiving. What an authentically Japanese Aikido school! Thank you Myer Sensei and Hannon Sensei!

- Ryoko Fusatani
Teen Aikido Parent

You could not ask for a better teacher than Sean Sensei. He has patience, skill and is extremely kind to all. The (separated) teen and adult classes both teach well above anything you have experienced in a dojo before.

- John Dominick
Aikido Teen Parent

Aikido teaches self- discipline, confidence and focus, all of which are so important for growing kids. Lessons learned in Aikido can be applied to all aspects of life and will remain with our son as he becomes an adult. Sean Sensei is a kind, patient and encouraging teacher. We hope more teens will join the school and realize the exceptional benefits of this art."

- Don Terry
Teen Aikido Parent

My teenage daughter trains with the teen class regularly. She has gained a lot self confidence and improvements in every aspect of her life since she started with Castle Rock Aikido. She is stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. 

- Stephen
Teen Aikido Parent

• Self-Confidence
• Self-Improvement
• Stress-Relief
• Friendships 
• Fun, Fun, Fun
• Hand-Eye Coordination
• Developing a Strong Core
• Flexibility and Fitness
• And, of course, Self-Defense.  
Aikido Benefits Include:
Welcome to the two-time award-winning Castle Rock AIKIDO's martial arts program for teenagers in Castle Rock. We are a traditional Japanese martial arts school for teens ages 15-17 conveniently located in Castle Rock, Colorado, just a few minutes south from the Denver Metro area. 
Our students come from all over Douglas county including Lone Tree, Aurora, Parker, Highlands Ranch, and of course, Castle Rock. New students are always welcome and no previous Aikido or other martial arts experience is needed.

We are committed to providing a safe, cooperative, and clean training environment for your child to learn the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido. Aikido is a non-competitive, non-violent, and non-aggressive martial art based on cultivating a cooperative spirit. The instructors are kind and patient offering a supportive, non-condescending, non-abusive teaching environment.  

Parents are often relieved to discover that Aikido is a defensive marital art and cannot be used as a tool for bullying. Through the practice of Aikido your teen will become a better person and learn powerful inter-personal skills for succeeding throughout life. In fact, our mission is: To forge in our students, a strength of character - so strong, that conflict becomes unnecessary.
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