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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
Photos from the Castle Rock AIKIDO
School Picnic 2012

Castle Rock AIKIDO student, Eric Dehn and his spouse Brenda hosted the picnic at their beautiful home in Monument, Colorado.  Eric is retired from the Air Force.
Brenda, Libby, and Lora chat in the kitichen.
Harris Sensei and Goettsche Sensei admire the cake Cecilia made with the DOJO KAMON (or logo) on it. Wow!
Jason's rockstar pose.
The SHUGYO or "austere training" award went to Bobby Truitt (above).  Lora Berger took home the MUGE or "no obstacle" award. And, Kriss Myer (right) was given the GAN-RYU or "rock and river" award.

Lora and Erin run through the 13 no jo kata designed originally by Saito Sensei.

Lee and his family were smart enough to bring their own shade!