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No uniform is required to attend your first Aikido class.  You may wear a uniform from a previous martial arts style to your first Aikido class if it is a plain white (i.e. no patches, decals, or logos) uniform. Otherwise, wear comfortable, athletic clothing like sweat pants and sweat shirt (preferably something with sleeves).

All you need to bring with you is a willingness to learn, a sense of humor and a big smile.  Your first class will be with other beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students.  

Everyone will be very nice to you and nobody expects you to know what you're doing.  Don't worry about not knowing proper Japanese etiquette or making mistakes.  We'll show you what to do.
All martial arts are different from one another and it is important that you choose the right one for you before investing your time, energy and money.  Always try several schools before selecting and be very wary of schools that make you sign a time-based contract, won't let you try a class, or won't let you watch a class for more than a few minutes.  

For just $25.00 you can try Castle Rock AIKIDO for one week (that's up to three classes). Simply complete and submit the form below and we will register you for your week trial of Aikido.  You may pay the $25 when you come in for your first class.   
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