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Aikido Seminar - Summer 2007
Aikido Seminar Shihonage
Aikido Seminar Furuya Sensei Aikido Centers of Los Angeles
Colorado Aikido Seminar Aikido Technique
Aikido Seminar Aikido Technique Pin
In August 2007, Aikido students from several Aikido schools from around the United States came together this summer to share in their knowledge and passion for the Japanese art of Aikido.
Japanese Aikido Seminar Seiza Position
In this top Aikido picture, the seminar attendees practice a basic pinning Aikido echnique called Shomen-uchi Ikkyo.  Pictured here is Andre Brown Sensei from Harvard Aikikai, and New England Aikikai before that.
Andre Brown Sensei Harvard Aikikai New England Aikikai
Aikido students practice Katatedori Shihonage, a four-directional throw.  Here a black belt from Boulder Aikikai trains with a senior student from Castle Rock AIKIDO.
Kenneth Furuya Sensei, 5th Dan, from Aikido Centers of Los Angeles makes some opening comments to the seminar attendees prior to working out.
Furuya Sensei practices a basic Aikido technique with Aikido student Daniel Hicks. This technique begins with Daniel intercepting a Shomen-uchi, an over-head strike.
Two Castle Rock AIKIDO students practice an Aikido technique that ends with a seated pin.
Aikido Seminar attendees listen intently as Andre Brown Sensei of Harvard Aikikai instructs.
Aikido Students Test Gokyu Izawa Sensei Furuya Sensei
Four Castle Rock AIKIDO students test for 5th rank under black belt, or go-kyu, supervised by Izawa Sensei and Furuya Sensei.