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military forces, a prison officer, gardener, and, more recently, has practiced and taught alternative healing therapies.  Currently, Tony trains at the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland.

Tony began his study of the martial arts with Shotokan Karate in 1967.  He has also studied in Shukoai, jiujitsu, shen jitsu, and tai chi.  Today, Tony is an associate committee member with the Sen No Kai Association and is a fifth degree black belt instructor at Sen No Kai dojo at the University of Stirling. 

Sen-No-Kai can trace its roots back through Shotokain Karate and Aikido, which then transcended into Sen-No-Kai.  This dynamic and highly effective style of martial art has grown in strength and popularity since it was founded by our now chief instructor, Mr. William Clark at Stirling University in 1970. Like Aikido, Sen-No-Kai is non competitive and strives to develop the inner strengths and Ki of the students, aiming to promote a higher level of understanding of oneself and their capabilities.  Sen No Kai's techniques derive, in part, from sword arts.  The movements are soft and flowing and, much like Aikido, appear to require little or no effort to perform. 

Tony states that, "Unfortunately, many people leave the martial arts after they reach a certain rank.  Frequently, they leave just when they feel unusual things starting to happen to them.  This, of course, is a natural phenomenon through all the martial arts and it is not commonly explained to students.  However, if a student continues their training, and once they advance through this (in there own time frame) their practice takes on another dimension.  They feel a connection to all living things - inside and outside the dojo.  Once they experience this, and possess this, and feel the connection to all of life, they just can't imagine how their life would have been without it.

"My martial arts training is always evolving.  Whenever I am on holiday, I like to experience what other styles have to offer.  This is a good way to push my limits and get out of my comfort zone.  I chose to train at Castle Rock AIKIDO during my visit to Colorado because I had yet to experience the art of Aikido.  The 186 mile round trips from where I was staying were well worth the effort, friendship, and harmony. The standard of training was excellent.  Thank you Albright Sensei, Shiraki Sensei and the Castle Rock AIKIDO students for your hospitality and welcoming me to your dojo."

We very much look forward to having Lynch Sensei visit us again.
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Scottish Karate Sensei Visits from UK
by Sean Hannon
Recently, Scotsman Tony Lynch visited Castle Rock AIKIDO and trained with us for a few weeks in April while vacationing in the US.  Tony lives on the East Coast of Scotland in Maryton, which is approximately 60 miles north of Edinburgh.  

Born in 1947, Tony has served in many different capacities in his life including serving as a Royal Marine Commando in the United Kingdom's 
Visiting Sensei, Tony Lynch, from Scotland demonstrates a "soft punch" technique capable of moving all three Aikidoka in this picture.