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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
2012 Spring Seminar
Sunday, May 25, 2012
Cennedy winces at Paul Sensei's SHIHO-NAGE.
This photo really shows the geometry of Paul Sensei's KOSHI-NAGE.
Some attack practices.
Lee-san practices against a kick attack from SUWARI-WAZA.
I'm sure Kriss-san will remember this painful foot pin!
Paul Sensei's classes always include some high-flying UKEMI practice.
ABOVE & BELOW: The students and black belts all line up as Dojo-Cho Sean makes a few comments before Paul Sensei is surprised with his promotion.
Ned-san of Inazuma Aikido presents Paul Sensei with a new embroidered black belt to commemmorate Paul Sensei's San-Dan or 3rd degree black belt promotion.
Paul Sensei makes a few remarks of appreciation and thanks for his promotion while Bobby and Sean watch on.
Castle Rock's Rockyard Brew Pub remains the staple post-workout hangout for Castle Rock AIKIDO and friends!
Paul Sensei will return to Castle Rock for another workshop this September.