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2012 Winter Seminar
Saturday, January 21, 2012
In late January 2012, members from four Aikido schools in Colorado gathered for a five hour Aikido workshop in Castle Rock.  Members from Castle Rock AIKIDO, Inazuma Aikido from Steamboat Springs, and Aikido Koshin Shuri and Pike's Peak Aikido, both from Colorado Springs attended the event.  The mat was packed with people, but so was the quality of the training.  JD Paul Sensei, instructor of the Steamboat dojo, was the featured instructor of the event.  Paul Sensei has been a good friend of Castle Rock AIKIDO since 2009 when he visited us during a seminar in which we hosted Haruo Matsuoka Sensei from Californa.
Inazuma Aikido from Steamboat Springs, Colorado 
Visits Castle Rock AIKIDO for a Friendship Workshop
Inazuma Aikido Dojo thunder
Tip Harris Sensei of Castle Rock AIKIDO and Pike's Peak Aikido opened the workshop with a warm up and some fun techniques.
Left: Inazuma Aikido senior student, Kennedy, has been training with JD Paul Sensei for over five years in Steamboat Springs.
Above: Eric from Castle Rock AIKIDO and Lee from Aikido Koshin Shuri practice an Uke Negaeshi or flowing block technique that Paul Sensei frequently utilizes.
Goettsche Sensei working with Inazuma student, Yoko.
Right: Paul Sensei takes ukemi for one of his students who is executing an Iriminage omote technique.
Bobby deflects and attack from Mike.
It got awefully hot and humid in the dojo over the five hours of Aikido training.
Paul Sensei works with Officer Brad Prouxl, one of Castle Rock's newer students.
Lora from Aurora tries to put the arm bar on Ned.
Phillip and Richard worked up quite a sweat.
Paul Sensei coaches Tim through a technique while Sean reluctantly cooperates! ;)
Eric puts Greg down on the mat.
Paul Sensei demonstrates a dynamic breakfall on one of his students.
A pretty cool picture of Goettsche Sensei.
Wow!  Great atemi, Lora!
Kriss and Richard practice Roppyo (a pinning technique).
Post-workshop discussion