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Pictures from one of our black belts' trip to Japan. 
Yon-dan Aikido Test - Trip to Japan
Here is a picture of my plane at Nagoya Airport on the East Coast of Honshu Island, Japan.

Nagasaki Station  has been completely rennovated since I left I left in 1998.

Above is a picture of Omura Bay.  I used to sneek over to an Omura dojo on Friday evenings to get a little extra Aikido training.

Across from Nagasaki Station is this new Judo Seifuku, acupuncture, and sports medicine college.
Here on the left are Iio Sensei's black belts all lined before Randori practice.  

Above, Morihei Iio Shihan holds up his 6th degree black belt certificate, which he received a few years ago.  This rank when issued from Honbu entitles the holder to the title of Shihan or "master."

Our friend, Matsuzaki-san, who visited us in Colorado this past summer.
This is Suwa Jinja, one of the most popular Shinto shrines in Japan.  I used to jog up these steps every day to get to Aikido class on time.  Iio Sensei's dojo is located directly behind this shrine.

Here a turtle considers taking a swim in the Suwa shrine koi fish pod.

This is a statue of a famous samurai found on the Suwa Shrine property.  What makes this samurai unique from others is that he was a Christian.  Less than one percent of Japanese are Christian.  If you look carefully at this statue you will see a Christian cross symbol hanging from his neck.