You have a great dojo, wonderful instructors, and friendly group of students.
- Joey
Aikido Student from Aurora

(720) 221-3665
Castle Rock AIKIDO
"Castle Rock Aikido has changed my life in so many ways.  It has released so much tension that I'm a much more relaxed individual.  The instructors are very assiduous, industrious, and sincerely care about ones full potential in Aikido! The dojo at Castle Rock AIKIDO is extremely outstanding.
 - Jason
Aikido Student from Thornton
Aikido Testimonials
What's being said about Castle Rock AIKIDO...
The school's setting is not intimidating and while the students work hard and focus intently on their practice, don't be surprised when, every now and then, you see some big smiles on the mat or hear an occasional large laugh straight from the gut."""

- Gary
Castle Rock Aikido has offered the two of us an adult activity we could participate in as a couple - and stick with...  A great work out to be sure, Aikido has also helped us interact more harmoniously with each other as well as our children.

 - Brandon & Erin
Students from Parker

Aikido offers both physical and mental exercise, not to mention a lifelong martial arts activity. I have been waiting for Aikido to come to Castle Rock for quite some time and it certainly has not disappointed... These are all forms of meditation for me.  The great thing about Aikido is that after a long day at work I can clear my head and focus on training and learn the art of Aikido.
- Doug
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
As an older student and one who is of small stature, I was somewhat reluctant to jump right in and actively participate in all the training exercises... I have developed a greater  self awareness and new found energy I didn't know existed. I find each class fascinating and deeply satisfying and look forward to the next class with excitement.
- Paul
Aikido Student form Parker
I have always wanted to study traditional Japanese Aikido (instead of the 'Americanized' Aikido/Ju-Jitsu/Karate system I studied in college) and your program is more than I could have asked for. The instruction is great, you guys are very professional and respectful towards the students. The students are respectful and helpful towards each other, and I'm having a LOT of fun."

 - James
Aikido Student from Roxborough
I really enjoy training at Castle Rock AIKIDO!  The first time I walked in the door I immediately felt an energy permeating throughout.  You really have to experience it yourself to understand! 
– Russel
Aikido Student from Thornton
"After a quick try-out at Castle Rock AIKIDO, I was hooked! I like the way they teach the principles of Aikido in this well-managed martial arts school - principles such as using the opponent’s power, maintaining one’s balance, being alert yet relaxed. The instructors are amazing.  They can easily break down a complex sequence of Aikido moves into their component pieces that are easy to follow. I’ve found a kinship here in this dojo and  I’m fortunate to have it around my neighborhood.
– Chino
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
aikido school
"It feels like a family at Castle Rock AIKIDO.  Everybody here helps one another and I think we all have an enjoyable time training together. It's good aerobic exercise and it helps me shake off stress from work and family. Furthermore, no matter how up or down I feel going to the dojo to practice, I always feel better after class. I would strongly recommend joining our family to anyone!
– Richard
Aikido Student from Larkspur
"Aikido is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.  (Because of Aikido) I've cut my caffeine to nearly nothing (and now) I'm 100% nicotine-free.  You have a great 'place of training' and first class personnel.
– Rob
Aikido Student from Aurora
I like the sense of awareness that comes with Aikido - the connection of mind and body - and the ability to use Aikido everyday to practice the art in all facets of my life. I really benefit from having the connection to something larger then myself through movement and focus... It's fantastic to be able to feel the great energy which is being infused into our new dojo. 
– Tim
Aikido Student from Castle Pines
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Aikido is an awesome way to let go of the day, and to spend time taking care of myself.  Aikido is a defensive martial art in which we align ourselves with the attack instead of battling it head on.  Amazingly, this approach produces tremendous power! By using this philosophy in my business, by aligning with the needs and wants of my clients, I find my work goes much more smoothly and my business is growing!
– Will
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
"My stress level at home and at work has noticeably decreased, which is something my kids particularly appreciate around homework time.  I've also lost 35 pounds!"

- Kriss
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
Aikido refines me as a human being and helps me become a better person.

- Ramon
Aikido Student from Aurora
Aikido has helped me to focus and center my energy.  The environment, teaching, and students that Castle Rock AIKIDO has brought together creates a place where I feel comfortable and safe, and have more fun than I could have imagined!  (They) are wonderful teachers who take the time to help everyone individually, and really pay attention to their students’ needs.

- Travis
I'm very happy to have found Castle Rock AIKIDO.  There is a mature atmosphere in class and everyone is very friendly and helpful.

- Benjamin
Aikido Student from Centennial
I am having an absolute blast training. I really look forward to it every day.  You have built an amazing school.
- John
Aikido Student from Littleton
AIkido Student
"I feel so centered and alive in my body after Aikido practice.  The Castle Rock AIKIDO dojo is serene and beautiful, the instructors are so giving and the students have been extraodinarily gracious with me as I learn the art of Aikido  This has been an incredible addition to my life.
- Gail
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
There is so much diversity in the art.  It never gets boring.  No two classes are the same and that makes it challenging - in a good way... Aikido is going to push me for years to come.  Aikido is just a great vehicle to shape and chisel your life and by making yourself better...  Joining this school has been one of the best decisions I've ever made... It's also a great way to get your mind and body into shape, shake off daily stress, and meet some great people! 
– Troy
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
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I am delighted with my experience at Castle Rock AIKIDO and with the variety of experienced, extremely skilled instructors. I also really appreciate the way that the school is run, in particular, the level of integrity and that the organization’s focus is consistently first on the art of Aikido and secondarily on business aspects.
 - Len
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
Castle Rock AIKIDO has excellent instructors and the atmosphere of the dojo is welcoming and friendly. In the students you will find people of all different skill levels who are eager to learn, and help others learn, the art of Aikido. It is a place to make friends and have fun - all while working up a sweat.
- Richard
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
We are happy and excited to have found a dojo that captures our ronin (independent) spirits."

- Dana & David
Married Aikido Students from Denver
I'm extremely impressed with the program of instruction at Castle Rock AIKIDO.  Not only are the instructors knowledgeable and patient with students, they also have a great sense of how to progress students to higher levels in the art.  The level of camaraderie among students and instructors is unparalleled and creates a highly positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can reach their full potential in Aikido.  It's a great place to learn Aikido and make new friends.
- James, US Navy (retired)
Castle Rock
Everyone at Castle Rock AIKIDO is so supportive... I adore everyone there.  We all have the same mindset!
- Jeanne
Aikido Student from Parker
I was looking for an activity that would not only keep me active and healthy, but would engage me mentally as well.  Aikido has certainly fit that bill!  The Castle Rock Aikido dojo has not only been a great place to learn and train, but has been a fun, non-threatening, adult-oriented environment where I’ve made many new friends! 

- Eric
US Air Force Officer (Retired)
from Monument, Colorado
Because of the detailed instruction and guidance... I left feeling confident that I can become a proficient student.  Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to with continuing my training with you.
- Jeremy
Aikido Student from Lone Tree
I've lost 60 pounds since starting Aikido in January 2011.  Aikido is an absolutely wonderful art and I am having so much fun learning it.  Everyone in the classes have a positive attitude and have the patience to help me make sure I am doing the moves correctly."
- Lora
Aikido Student from Aurora
Aikido is great for women because it doesn't require strength and force.  It provides a sense of empowerment that replaces a sense of vulnerability.  Castle Rock Aikido provides a very comfortable training environment in which students, regardless of skill level, can learn and progress at a pace best suited to their individual needs.
- Shellane
Aikido Student from Sedalia
I have found Aikido training to be an excellent source of balance in my life.  This dojo provides the perfect environment to check your stress at the door, and immerse yourself in practice with friendly and supportive students and instructors.  I look forward to class all week, and no matter how my day is going, I always feel great by the time class is finished.
- Bobby
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
I find the Aikido classes both stimulating and calming.  I think I feel more a part of this school than I would at any of the other martial arts schools in Castle Rock.  Additionally, after a just few months of training, I can now work on my knees in class now without any discomfort.
- Jerry
I really enjoy the training, getting out of the house for a little while, and interacting with others.
- Sasha
I had recently moved to Colorado and was searching for a new Aikido "home.  I was fortunate enough  to find Castle Rock AIKIDO.  Their positive attitudes and great energy make learning this art challenging and fun for all levels. I truly enjoy working and learning from everyone in class taught by experienced and patient instructors.
- Jason
Aikido Black Belt from Centennial, Colorado
The atmosphere is extraordinarily friendly and encouraging... All of the students are eager to learn and to participate, and the mature yet relaxed atmosphere is an added bonus.  The instructors are top notch; they teach you to crack the façade of a stressful mind and teach you to fill in the gaps with the focus, patience, and ease that are so unique to a martial art... the class offers the opportunity to learn to change your life for the better through these principles of Aikido; I definitely recommend studying at the Castle Rock AIKIDO dojo to anyone who is looking for this opportunity.
- Devon
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
Aikido has been great for me. It allows me to feel empowered and is a great stress reducer. The instructors have been awesome and the students have always been supportive and made me feel welcome. Even when I don't feel like going to class, by the time it's over I feel great. I am not that big in stature, and at first I was a bit intimidated by some of the larger guys in class, but Aikido isn't about size it's about power, personal power, not power over others.
- Dani
Castle Rock, Colorado
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The energy in the school is excellent and has the right Aikido spirit.  Leave the ego at the door is the best policy! Aikido has helped me in every area of life.  What an art!!!

- John
Aikido Black Belt from Palmer Lake

I find myself drawn to the balance and focus on self of Aikido, and the highly encouraging, friendly and mutually supportive environment at Castle Rock AIKIDO is magnificent! Even from my first class, I felt like I had found a home where I could develop personally and martially.
- Mike
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
You could not ask for a better teacher than Sean Sensei. He has patience, skill and is extremely kind to all. The (separated) teen and adult classes both teach well above anything you have experienced in a dojo before.

- John Dominick
Larkspur, CO
It is good to have something to look forward to. I look forward to the training, instruction and comradarie that are present at Castle Rock AIKIDO. The classes are challenging and rewarding. The instructors are a wonderful mixture of discipline, dedication, confidence  and encouragement. The students are respectful and friendly. The setting is a peaceful yet demanding one. For me, this has been a very welcome positive discovery.
- Pastor Rob White
First Methodist Church
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
The nature of Aikido attracts people who are - or aspire to be - honest, respectful, patient, and genuinely good. When you gather together individuals with these characteristics, a comfortable, supportive, environment  conducive to the focused study of the art is created.  I would have never believed that a sport where I'm out of breath and sweating profusely just minutes into class could be so fun and enjoyable!  Yet, the energy felt upon stepping foot in the school and being greeted so warmly by my fellow students and instructors is invigorating and intoxicating, leading me to believe that Aikido will be a lifelong pursuit for me... You've created a really great school!

- Cecilia
Aikido Student from Castle Rock
I was searching... to keep in shape.  In addition to physical fitness, the practice of Aikido has brought focus, clarity and balance to many facets of my life.  The instructors as well as the advanced students have a genuine desire to welcome and properly train students new to this way of harmony.
- Steve
Aikido Student from Larkspur
I was thrilled to discover Castle Rock AIKIDO.  The classes are a perfect balance of learning, respect, and fun – everyone is supportive and wants to help everyone else learn.  The idea that there are as many styles of Aikido as there are practitioners is embodied and brought to life.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to study.
- Kimberly
Aikido Student from Parker

It has been a great place to learn Aikido, meet new people, and have fun. The class has helped in my profession I can attest to that. Thank you for having a great place for us to learn. 
- Brad
Police Officer from Lone Tree, Colorado

I thoroughly love the classes and really enjoy the time and effort so many of you put into our training. THANK YOU for everything! We woud definitely recommend you to any of our friends!

- Amy & Kenan
Married Aikido Students from Aurora, CO

Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults 
I am impressed with the comfortable balance between friendliness and discipline... What an authentically Japanese Aikido school! 

- Ryoko Fusatani
Castle Rock, CO
All of us really appreciated the atmosphere and the quality of the trainings. 

- Eric, Adam, and Ruben
Father and sons students
Castle Rock AIKIDO is a fantastic place to learn, with patient instructors and friendly students the environment is very relaxing.  Every class has become a fun way for me to just relax and let go of any stress picked up during the week.
- Deborah
Aikido Student from Franktown
I wasn’t looking for Aikido training, but it found me.  I needed a way to rekindle the joy in my life, rejuvenate my spiritual direction, and redesign my physical activities... I was convinced Aikido would be a wonderful path to follow in the pursuit of honor, confidence, balance, safety and self-awareness.  The instructors and the students generate an atmosphere of nurturing support in a clean, warm, serene environment.  I hope Aikido will be a part of the rest of my life.  
- Pamela
Aikido Student from Castle Rock

Castle Rock AIKIDO is a place to procure an illustration of life through martial science. The instructors and classmates have impeccable core values predicated on tradition that translates into a passionate learning environment. I have found Castle Rock Aikido to be a place where I can lose myself and find myself.
- Brandon
Aikido Student from Franktown
The training environment at Castle Rock AIKIDO is amazing! All instructors and students at the school are willing to patiently guide you through your training.​

- Garrett
Jefferson County Police Officer

I have been in law enforcement for the past 14 years. The skills I have learned and continue to hone at Castle Rock AIKIDO are especially useful in my line of work. Both in defense of myself and others, but in the lessened likelihood of using excessive force against a subject during an arrest or enforcement action.
- Stephen
Law Enforcement

Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience what it's like to feel at ease, calm, and collected. Finding that sanctuary was a blessing.
- Sara
Castle Rock, CO
I was very nervous about my first martial arts experience. Sean-Sensei and the rest of the students and instructors welcomed me in immediately, and made me feel very welcome. I highly recommend Castle Rock AIKIDO to anyone experienced or not.

- Scott
Aikido Student from Parker
"I've been to a LOT of martial arts schools and have rarely come across an owner that puts the well being of his students above his pocket book. All though I am new to your studio you have made me feel welcome despite my disabilities. I'm grateful to be part of your studio."

- Storm
Aikido Student from Denver
"Do people Rakka (fall) and not get up again? 
Does one Taijin (turn away) and not Mawari Mae (repent)?"  

This is my current favorite "Aikido" Scripture (Jer 8:4 major paraphrase). I joined Castle Rock AIKIDO to learn to fall while I can still get back up and I am learning that and so much more. The staff and students are wise, helpful and friendly teachers. I am grateful for the gift of personalized instruction they give and I also appreciate the organized and clean facility."​

- Kelsey
Aikido Student from Larkspur
"Castle Rock AIKIDO has been a tremendous experience so far. We've seen many friends and acquaintances injured from falling, so attempting to short circuit that concern while we are still (somewhat) able is what brought us to (the dojo) in the first place. Our beginning lessons have addressed this, but also so much more. The personalized instruction is outstanding; the other students at the dojo are friendly and welcoming, and the practice of Aikido has been hugely stimulating for both our bodies and minds. I wish I had started ten years ago or more."  

- David
Aikido Student from Larkspur