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Aikido Testing Event
November 12th 2011
Pictures from our Fall 2011 Aikido Testing Event. Senior Student, Kriss Myer was promoted to the rank of Black Belt.
Congratulations to everyone!  Job well done.

Top: Don, Richard, Len, and Eric
Middle: Bobby, Gihan, Shellane, Lora, and Nicholas
Bottom: Kriss, Jason, Harris Sensei, Goettsche Sensei, and Sean
SHomenuchi iriminage
Jiyuwaza Randori
Aikido technique
shomenuchi ikkyo
Nikyo Nikkyo Aikido
bokken kokyunage
aikido reiho
aikido randori
Shellane and Lora did a great job with their first Aikido test (6th kyu).  They both have been working very hard in class and it showed!

Shellane had a permanent smile on during the RANDORI portion of her test.
Retired military officer, Eric, demonstrates SHOMENUCHI IRIMINAGE on our dojo's insurance agent, Don.
Bobby's RANDORI continues to get better and better with each test!
Len has been training with us for almost 3 years now and he did a great job on his san-kyu test.  Shodan, Jason, was a great sport as Len's UKE.
Just a few minutes after finishing up his test, Bobby was once again flying around the mat as Sean tested for Nikyu (2nd rank).
During RANDORI, Sean tosses Jason into Richard (below, right) to buy himself some time before his third UKE attacks.
Kriss' SHODAN (black belt) test began with some JO and BOKKEN weapons KATA and a weapons takeaway demonstration.
I think the blurriness of this picture captures both a sense of power in Kriss' KOKYUNAGE and the way Sean's head and body feel after being thrown by Kriss' for a half-hour.
Left: Kriss prepares to take on 5 attackers for RANDORI.  

Below: Kriss calmly addresses each attacker without getting overwhelmed or backed into a corner.
Left: Kriss chucks Sean a few dozen more times, just for good measure before cooling down with some KOKYUDOZA with Bobby.
Left: Kriss smiles with relief while his son, Nick, watches on.  

Nick is also one of our senior students from our new TEENS AIKIDO program.
Left:  Goettsche Sensei (left) and Harris Sensei (right) congratulate Kriss on a good black belt test.  Harris Sensei gifts Kriss with one of his old black belts.
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aikido beer
Now everyone's favorite part of the testing seminar... having a beer or two at the Rockyard BrewPub in Castle Rock!
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