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Aikido Testing Event
April 4th 2011
Pictures from our April 2011 Aikido Testing Event.
aikido randori
aikido suwari waza
aikido mae ukemi
aikido hijinage tenbinage
aikido  kokyunage
aikido kaitenage omote
Aikido group photo seiza 040411
Bobby did a great job testing for 4th rank or Yon-Kyu.   He was also asked to perform a 2-on-1 RANDORI session (below).  RANDORI means multiple attackers.
Left:  These students are performing a series of techniques from the kneeling position called SUWARI-WAZA.
Above & Left:  Jeanne has been diligent training for her first Aikido rank of 6th or ROKKYU.  She executed her test with a equal balance of command and grace.
Above:  Just because it is a testing event doesn't mean we can't have fun!  Above Jason laughs at one of Richard's punchlines.
Left:  Line drills are so much easier now in our new, larger training space.
Left:  Mike and Don practice off-balancing each other's center via a KOSA-DORI wrist grab.
Below:  Bobby and Sean demonstrate some rear wrist grab techniques referred to as USHIRO-TEKUBITORI.
Above-Left:  Richard executes an IRIMINAGE throw as he tests for his 5th rank or GOKYU.  
Above-Right: JD Paul Sensei from INAZUMA AIKIDO in Steamboat Springs visited us for our testing event.
Left: Kriss is (once, again) the lucky candidate to receive Goettsche Sensei's NIKKYO techinqiue as Jason-san looks on.  
Above: Richard executes a HIJINAGE (a.k.a. TENBINAGE) throw.

Left: Harris Sensei off-balances Tom from a KOSA-DORI wrist grab. 
Next testing seminar will be in late September 2011. 

Top: Bobby, Mike, Tom, Eric, Don, Eric
Middle: John, Shellane, Richard, Devon, Jeanne, Sean
Bottom: Kriss, Jason, Goettsche Sensei, Harris Sensei, Paul Sensei, & Chino