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Aikido Student Featurette: Troy Terranova
Other than Aikido and motorcycles, Troy enjoys mountain biking, softball, and comic books. However, what he really enjoys most is spending time with his wife, and two children.  Troy and his family have lived in Castle Rock for three years and according to him, "We love it here!" 
There are so many things Troy loves about Aikido. "First and foremost, it always keeps me guessing. There is so much diversity in the art.  It never gets boring.  No two classes are the same and that makes it challenging - in a good way. I know for a fact that Aikido is going to push me for years to come. In each and every class I feel like I've learned something new and gotten better at something else.  Aikido is a lot like reading a really great book.  You wish you could just jump to the end because you're so excited about what's to come!"
Troy holds a black belt in the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do and he really enjoyed his experience in that art.  However, in truth, he always preferred and was fascinated by Aikido.  For example, the idea of using a person's momentum to your own advantage and the unique and powerful holds and pins of Aikido intrigued him, but at the time there was not a school close enough for him to study at.  "After my first child was born I was unable to continue my training so I 'retired' from TKD.  When my kids were a bit older, I started thinking about returning to martial arts.  I was thrilled to discover that Castle Rock AIKIDO had opened during my martial arts hiatus and only five minutes from my home, too!  That was quite serendipitous.  I tried just one class and I was hooked.  I really value the non-competitive aspect of Aikido.  There is no pressure, bravado, or mean-spiritedness in class and my fellow students are nothing but helpful and supportive." 

 "Aikido keeps me in shape both physically and mentally. Practical applications of Aikido are amazing and surprisingly common.  I 'use' Aikido in my work life almost daily.  The understanding that Aikido is meant to put you and your perceived foe into balance with one another is an element that's particularly important to me.  Aikido is just a great vehicle to shape and chisel your life and by making yourself better, one can ultimately make the world a better place.  Joining this school has been one of the best decisions I've ever made."
"I would like to tell anyone interested in Aikido that it is worth the stretch. It's not always easy, but if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it and then it wouldn't be so special. Aikido is a great way to learn a very practical self defense, but it's also a great way to get your mind and body into shape, shake off daily stress, and meet some great people!"
It's great having Troy and his contagious positive energy in the dojo.  Be sure to ask him about his numerous Japanese art tattoos! 

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Troy Terranova is a Colorado native and his family's business is a Denver Metro landmark.  They have owned Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson Motor Co. in Littleton since 1979 and Troy has worked in the business for the last 16 years.  Having worked his way through every department of the business, today Troy is the Finance and Sales Manager. "I'm fortunate in that I enjoy my work.  I get to meet a lot of different people and, of course, I really love Harleys!"