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Aikido Student Featurette: Tim Keating
Additionally, Tim is a co-owner of SWS Mountain Guides (SWS stands for "Sierra Wilderness Seminars") based in Mt. Shasta, California.  Founded by Tim in 1981, SWS is a mountaineering school with professionally guided climbs and courses in California, as well as extended 1-2 week expeditions to South America, Russia, Mexico, Nepal, and Africa.  Tim has climbed dozens of famous mountain peaks around the world such as Pico de Orizaba in Mexico, the 3rd highest mountain in all of North America.
When not practicing Aikido, Tim says that he enjoys technical rock and ice climbing, along with Alpine, Telemark, and Backcountry skiing.  He also enjoys building model trains from the steam era in HO scale. Right now, Tim is training for an upcoming triathlon in Boise, Idaho. 
Tim and his wife, Emily, have an 8 year-old son and have lived in Colorado for three years now. They moved here from Dallas, Texas; Portland, Oregon before that; and San Francisco, California before that.  
When asked what he likes best about Aikido, Tim says he like the "sense of awareness that comes with Aikido the connection of mind and body and the ability to use Aikido in everyday life to practice the art in all facets of my own life. I really benefit from the connection to something larger then myself through movement and focus."
Aikido is the only martial art Tim has ever trained.  "I selected Aikido because of its non-violent nature. The philosophy that when you are attacked the attacker is out of harmony with the Universe and your obligation is to show the attacker the path back to harmony without creating more dis-harmony." 

Tim goes on to say that, "training in Aikido reminds me to practice Aikido in my daily life both inside and outside the dojo; that there are larger forces at work then just my being here in the Universe; that all things are connected once we get past ego, self and the ability to look beyond the regular and mundane routines of life. Of course, this is easier said then done and all of this is very easy to forget and very difficult to master."
"I would encourage others to try Aikido in order to find that place within one's self that is calm, quiet, and yet strong and confident, all of which can be used in all situations in life. Aikido is training in life itself."
"Our new building is great!  I'd like to compliment Sean Hannon and all those who have made the new dojo a great place to train in.  It's fantastic to be able to feel the great energy which is being infused into the new dojo. I'm looking forward to training at Castle Rock AIKIDO for many years and watching the school progress into a truly special place to further explore the depths of Aikido.
Tim is a very fun person to have at the dojo.  He possesses a wealth of knowlege and experience in many different walks of life and is always entertaining.  
To learn more about SWS's expeditions visit: www.SWSmountainguides.com

Tim Keating has been training with us at Castle Rock AIKIDO since last summer.  Before that he trained for 7 years at the Northcoast School of Aikido under John Thomas Read Sensei in northern California.  Tim is a very busy man.  He's a Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams Realty DTC specializing in Castle Pines residential real estate.  Tim also brokers commercial real estate.  In fact, Tim acted as Castle Rock AIKIDO's broker with regard to the purchase of our new Aikido dojo on Caprice Court.