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Aikido Student Featurette: Benjamin Saddora
Aikido is not Benjamin's first experience with martial arts.  The 41 year-old has also practiced Taekwondo, Korean Hapkido, and kickboxing when he was younger.

When asked what he likes best about Aikido he says, "I like everything about it so far.   Aikido is a lot of fun, especially when I try a technique and it feels like I did it correctly. I think it is good for me physically, I feel better after practicing, like I have done something for my health.  But it's definitely not like exercising in a gym.  I think everyone needs to do something for better health. Aikido is certainly a good form of exercise, and I think practicing Aikido regularly can help you physically in many other activities."  

Benjamin continues, "I think Aikido is a very practical form of self defense. In real life, if you are faced with a situation that you cannot avoid or get away from, it wouldn't be like a competition or in a ring with a ref, you need to be able to quickly resolve a confrontation and hopefully (do so) without injury. I think practicing Aikido could better prepare you for avoiding harm from a situation that hopefully will never happen."   

An ideal student, Benjamin presents an extremely amiable disposition, an attitude exhibiting a true willingness to learn something new and challenging, and he has a real aptitude for the art of Aikido.  "I'm very happy to have found Castle Rock AIKIDO.  There is a mature atmosphere in class and everyone is very friendly and helpful."  We're really glad that you found us, too, Benjamin!

Benjamin started training with us when we were still operating inside Omega Gymnastics.  He has lived in Colorado for about 3 years now and has worked for the railroad for the past 15 years.  While he enjoys learning Aikido, he also enjoys riding motorcycles, and would one day also like to get back into racing motocross, again.