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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
Pictures from our Fall 2014 AIKIDO Intensive 
with Victor Hung Sensei from Fort Collins, Colorado
Above: Hung Sensei gives Rob a few pointers

Left: Deb sets up Makiotoshi on Shodan Ken
"It's all in the set up," says Hung Sensei to Cecilia
To Anna, it may be called a soft-fall, but it doesn't look that way to Sean.
Hung Sensei halts everyone's UKEMI KAITEN to make a few observations and suggestions to the group.
Good soft-fall UKEMI starts with the good ol' Weeble-Wobble exercise.
Nathaniel picked up on the over-the-ball exercise pretty fast.
A few props brought to the seminar by Hung Sensei helped everyone get the mechanics quickly.
Hung Sensei grabs Ben, one of the teen students, to demonstrate because he seemed to pick up the soft fall quickly.
"Come on, guys. It's suppose to look just like this!"
Below: Hung Sensei spent the last hour working with us on RANDORI practice. Here he delivers and Hiza-Ate to Sean's knees forcing him to soft-fall out of the way.
Render Sensei practices a little five on one RANDORI.
A basic trust exercise proved challenging for some.
Both Gail and Dan held their ground during RANDORI.
Thank you, Hung Sensei!