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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
Pictures from our Fall 2013 AIKIDO Intensive 
with Skip Chapman Sensei from Jersey Shore Aikikai
"I just wanted to take a minute to say how special it is for me to be here... I feel a really close connection with this DOJO. I've been lucky enough to be able to hear about the background and how everything has developed up to this point; and it's really amazing for me to have an opportunity to be here today and actually see it. I feel like I know so much about it and have heard so much about the great growth that has gone on here, that to actually be here is pretty amazing for me."

- Skip Chapman Sensei 
(Go-Dan, USAF)
Thank you, Chapman Sensei! Please visit again.
Chapman Sensei brought along Dan, one of his senior students from New Jersey as his OTOMO.
What an amazing turnout we got for this seminar!
Kriss-san received some pointers on SHIHONAGE
Victor Sensei from Fort Collins bows in respect following some instruction from Chapman Sensei.
Harris Sensei gives Jeremy from Pikes Peak Aikido a good back stretch KOKYU.
Several students from Aikido Koshin Shuri in Colorado Springs attended, as well.
Jason and Dan used to train together at Jersey Shore Aikikai.  They hadn't seen each other for almost 10 years.  Jason now trains with us at Castle Rock.
Joe from San Francisco Aikikai flew in to attend the seminar. He is the chief instructor of his own school.
Sensei spent a bunch of time with our Teen students who demonstrates a lot of stamina over the two-day seminar.
Sensei emphasized the importance of off-line KUZUSHI when executing TENCHINAGE.
Sunday's session included a fun and challenging set of BOKKEN forms that Chapman Sensei decades ago from CHIBA SENSEI and KANAI SENSEI.
Hey, Gail... Quit hogging Chapman Sensei!
Goettsche Sensei executes an interesting twist on KAITENAGE with John from Glenwood Springs.
Carmen and Heather receive a few minor corrections from Sensei.  This was Heather's first week of Aikido training. She did great!
Cecilia (or "Pin-Girl" as we call her) blends with an YOKOMENUCHI attack from Jeremy.
Janice throws Lora in KOKYUNAGE
Nate! How many times do we have to tell you to look at your partner... not the camera!
Kyle from Nippon Kan in Denver turns on the juice on Mike-san's elbow.