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Castle Rock AIKIDO
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
Pictures from our November 2014 AIKIDO SeminarĀ 
with Ryan Goettsche Sensei on KAESHI-WAZA
"What a wonderful Sunday afternoon we had together training Aikido and thank you so much for the beautiful gift."

- Ryan Goettsche SenseiĀ 
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Dan from Boulder Aikikai give Lora a good chuck.
Evans from Colorado Springs practices an Ikkyo reversal on a Castle Rock student.
Recent SHO-DAN Brian helps Nisha with a SANKYO transition.
To comemmorate Goettsche Sensei's 20th anniversary in Aikido, two of his senior students, Sean and Greg, coordinated the purchase of a beautiful Tozando Japanese Katana from Kyoto, Japan. A total surprise, Goettsche Sensei was near speechless upon opening the gift. Thank you to all of the students that helped make such a gift possible.