Please join Castle Rock AIKIDO in welcoming back Gregory Olson Sensei for this special 2- day Fall Aikido intensive entitled "Effortless Effort." Olson Sensei is a 6th degree black belt from Bozeman, Montana and is the Head Instructor of Big Sky Aikido

Through his studies of modern teaching and learning methodologies studied at the University of Minnesota and a professorship at Montana State University, Sensei has embraced modern teaching and learning principles to demonstrate and teach aikido through the experience of finding the least resistance to an applied technique and through the experience of principled movement.

In our now 12 year history as an Aikido dojo, we have had many amazing seminars with some of Aikido very top guest instructors. However, this event represents the very first time we've ever had a guest Aikido Sensei return for a second visit to Castle Rock AIKIDO. His 2016 seminar was so amazing we just had to invite him back for more! 

Olson Sensei began his journey in the Japanese martial ways with the study of judo in 1964. He trained and competed extensively in the U.S., Korea, and Japan for approximately fifteen years. Additionally, he trained for two years at the Aikikai Honbu dojo in Tokyo under Doshu K. Ueshiba and in the Manseikan dojo in the Kumamoto Prefecture under Sunadomori Shihan. He now studies under the direction of Saotome Shihan

Olson Sensei has won numerous regional, national, and international championships in judo. Along his “Way” he discovered Aikido and found the gentle yet effective martial art ideology, with its ethical and philosophical values more appealing to his direction in life. Olson Sensei is the author of “Aikido: A Beginner’s Text,” an excellent guide to teaching Aikido based on his classes as an assistant professor at Montana State University. Enjoy Olson Sensei’s unique style of sincere and joyful training in the art of Aikido. 

There are a limited number of spots available for this seminar. Please register promptly. 
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Castle Rock AIKIDO
2018 Two-Day Fall Aikido Intensive near Denver
with 6th Dan, Gregory Olson Sensei
Saturday, September 22nd 2018
9am - noon & 2-4pm *

Sunday, September 23rd 2018
9am - noon
Castle Rock AIKIDO
185 Caprice Ct. #5
Castle Rock, CO 80109
* Castle Rock AIKIDO reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
** Castle Rock AIKIDO may modify the seminar itinerary as it sees fit or at the request of the guest instructor
*** Seminar end times subject to modification

Aikido Rank:
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
$100 - with online registration

$120 - at the door (cash only), if space remains
Effortless Effort
About The Castle Rock AIKIDO Fall Intensives:

While many annual Aikido seminars in Colorado feature excellent local instructors, 
Castle Rock AIKIDO's Fall Intensives exist specifically to bring 
highly sought after, out-of-state Aikido instructors to Colorado. 

We do this so as to help expose the Colorado Aikido community 
to the wide array of wonderful instructors throughout the world 
without Colorado Aikido students having to incur the often sizable costs 
and hassle of traveling to train with these generous Aikido Sensei. 

We appreciate your many years of support for these seminars.