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Castle Rock AIKIDO
2017 Fall Aikido Workshop near Denver, Colorado
with Joel Nakamura Sensei from Santa Fe, NM *
Saturday, Sept. 30th 2017

10am to 12:00pm  **
2:00pm to 4:30pm  ***

Castle Rock AIKIDO
185 Caprice Court
Castle Rock, CO 80109
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Traditional Japanese Martial Arts for Adults
Joel Nakamura Sensei was first introduced to the art of Aikido many years ago by the late Robert Koga Sensei. Today, he is the chief instructor of KAIJU AIKIDO Club in Santa Fe. Over the years, Nakamura Sensei has trained under many different systems of Aikido, which have culminated in the innovative methods he now teaches in New Mexico, "The Land of Enchantment." KAIJU AIKIDO Club is a member of Aikido Dojo International. 

This upcoming workshop with Nakamura Sensei will focus on JO-NAGE, which is an excellent study of basic Aikido principles through the use of a JO staff. Unlike the more commonly practiced JO-DORI WAZA techniques, in which NAGE disarms the JO from UKE, JO-NAGE is the inverse form of training where UKE attempts to grab the JO; and NAGE responds accordingly. Although JO-NAGE uses the staff as a weapon, JO-NAGE feels more like a holistic body art than a martial response integrating posture, balance and leverage as a cohesive expression of power. 

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Due to the sizable upfront costs involved in hosting a seminar of this kind, there are no refunds for this seminar unless the seminar is canceled or postponed. Your registration is not refundable, but you may transfer your registration to another person should you be unable to attend. Please inform the hosting DOJO of your registration transfer ahead of time to avoid confusion during check-in.
Aikido Dojo:
'KAIJU' translates as "strange beasts" in Japanese and refers to the popular film genre featuring lovable monsters and characters like GodzillaMothra and Ultra-man. Nakamura Sensei named his school 'KAIJU' as a reminder never to take life too seriously and to symbolize the light-heartedness, good humor, and jovial-camaraderie that he and his students exemplify in their training. If you look at his school's logo (or 'MON') you will note the well-known 'MITSU TOMOE' or SHINTO trinity pattern in which its three major elements have been modified by Nakamura Sensei to represent Japanese KAIJU blended with the New Mexico flag or "Zia" symbol.
The JO-NAGE Workshop
Douglas County, Colorado, USA
As both NAGE and UKE have an equal grasp on the weapon, how does NAGE maintain control of the staff while maneuvering UKE to a desired position to throw or pin? How does NAGE move a much larger and stronger person? We will practice TAI-SABAKI initially in static, then progressively more dynamic movements. We will also explore the empty hands application of JO-NAGE principles.
Nakamura Sensei has lived in New Mexico for more than 20 years and is an accomplished professional artist and art educator in Santa Fe. As such, he truly teaches Aikido from an artist’s perspective. Coloradans may have had the pleasure of viewing his art murals permanently viewable in the halls of the Denver Nature & Science Museum.

Please join us in Castle Rock this Fall in what will no doubt be a fun, creative and friendship-building Aikido seminar.
$89 with online payment
$89 cash only at the door,
if space remains