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Aikido Philosophy: Recognizing the Responsibilities of a Senior Student by Eric Dehn
Pictures from our KENJUTSU Swordwork workshop with Bruce Heckathorn Sensei
Pictures from our KAESHI-WAZA seminar with Ryan Goettsche Sensei
Pictures from our seminar with Mary Heiny Sensei of Seattle
Pictures from the Dojo Annual Picnic
Pictures from our JODO seminar with Tom Groendal Sensei
Pictures from our seminar with Victor Hung Sensei of Fort Collins, Colorado
Pictures from our Intro to KYUDO workshop with Alex Halpern Sempai
Pictures from our seminar with Skip Chapman Sensei of New Jersey
Aikido Student Kira Returns from Japan!   
Denver Broncos Joins Castle Rock AIKIDO
A New Friend from Hombu Dojo in Tokyo Visits Castle Rock AIKIDO
Pictures from our 2012 Dojo Picnic 
Pictures from USAF Aikido Summer Camp 2012


IAIDO Dojo News, Pictures, Events & More:

Pictures of 2013 Winter Workshop with Oda Sensei from Shizuoka, Japan 
Pictures of Denver Educational Tour with Kishimoto Sensei from Japan 
Pictures from the IAIDO seminar with Stroud Sensei 
Castle Rock IAIDO Student Places 2nd at AUSKF Iaido Nationals Competition 2012
From a Killing Science to a Spiritual Discipline Part One
From a Killing Science to a Spiritual Discipline Part Two
SEI-DO: An Iaido DOKA (Poem) by assistance instructor Mike Pattarozzi


AIKIDO Philosophy Articles:

Relax! The Key to Learning AIKIDO Faster  
Philosophy Corner: Tension in the Body Distorts Reality 
Aikido Philosophy: Beginner's Mind by Eric Dehn  
Etiquette: Your Intent Speaks Louder than Your Actions  
Is Bushido Antiquated? Part Eight: Loyalty 
A Visit to the Shinto Shrine at Shambala  
Nage & Uke: Rockclimbing Metaphor
Stances Say Something About Oneself

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Aikido near lone tree colorado
Perhaps you need to reconsider this belief!  That's all it is, you know... a belief!  We're not sure why Aikido appeals to more mature students, but it does. Maybe it is because of its great stress-relieving benefits, it's practical life philosophy, it's tendency to keep you young, limber and strong, it's reliance on leverage instead of physical strength or maybe because Aikido can be practiced at any level of intensity.  Whatever the reason, many are surprised to discover that about half of our students are between ages 40-65.. Of course, adults under age 40 are welcome to come play, too!

"...I have developed a greater self awareness and new found energy I didn't know existed."
Unlike most martial arts schools  that teach "hybrid" styles, our authentic, traditional Japanese Aikido style gives students a chance to focus on and master one style.  
A Playround for Grown-Ups
We love kids.  However, our adult program is exclusively for adults... no exceptions.  You might even say that our program is "a playground for adults."  Children already have so many different programs for them to participate in.  It's time us adults to have a place and an activity just for ourselves.  We have recently added a completely separate program for young people ages 13-17.   CLICK HERE to learn more about our Aikido classes for teenagers.

Working adults and parents need a place where they can get a great workoutshake off daily stress and not have to think about children or other family obligations for a few hours each week.  In fact, it is very common for parents and couples to train Aikido together!  

In Aikido you work with partners to practice techniques. That means you need to be able to trust your partner. Castle Rock AIKIDO creates a strong environment of trust as such, injury is extremely rare.  We attract students who are interested in learning to improve themselves, not to learn how to hurt people.  

We are very proud of the students who practice in our Castle Rock AIKIDO Dojo (school). Advanced students generously work with the newer students. This helps the new students improve their skills quickly. Our strong sense of community makes each and every class fun and social.
Convenient Evening Schedule
No need to rush from work just to get to class on time. Our convenient evening class times are late enough so that our students have time to get home from work, eat dinner, spend time with their families, and STILL have time for Aikido.
Contracts? Who needs contracts?!
Many martial arts schools will force you to sign a time-based contract of one, two, or even sometimes three years long when you get started in order to keep you as a student! We don't think this is fair.   In our opinion, if a martial art school's program is good enough, they shouldn't have to contractually force you to stay.  Don't you think?

We understand that sometimes life can interfere with martial arts training; careers changes, financial circumstances change, and family responsibilities change. Our students love the fact that we do not have time-based contracts and can stop training without financial penalty whenever they need to.
Aikido for Beginners and Advanced Students Welcome!
If you haven't practiced AIkido  before... don't worry!  You'll fit right in.  New people are always joining class and you never have to try anything you don't think you can do.

If you have practiced Aikido before or are an experienced Aikido student (Aikido-ka) then you will appreciate the level of skill and sophistication the instructors bring to the mat for more experienced Aikido students.  
Think You're Too Old for Martial Arts? Think Again!
Residents Over 50 Taking Up Martial Arts
There's something strange going on in Castle Rock. Residents over fifty years old are beginning to practice a Japanese martial art called Aikido (pronounced 'eye-key-doh'). Aikido isn't exclusively for men and women over fifty, but Aikido does seem to have an affinity for that age group. "I think it is because Aikido is a great form of exercise and a powerful form of self-defense, but still allows you to go to work on each morning without being covered in bruises and broken bones..."
Special Offer - No Commitment Required
If you like what our students shared and would like to come try a class to see if you would enjoy our program, click HERE for a coupon for a FREE class.

We always welcome visitors who just want to come watch. 
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People often describe Aikido as "dance-like"  This "dance-like" quality is an important and critical safety component of Aikido.  You could practice Aikido's techniques at full force, but you would quickly run out of training partners due to injury!  It also wouldn't look nearly as pretty.  
Castle Rock AIKIDO... in the News!
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- Paul 
Cardiovascular Specialist 
Aikido Student from Parker
"I am having an absolute blast training. I really look forward to it every day.  You have built an amazing school."

- John
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Castle Rock AIKIDO Student

"After a quick try-out at Castle Rock AIKIDO, I was hooked! I like the way they teach the principles of Aikido in this well-managed martial arts school.  The instructors are amazing.  They can easily break down a complex sequence of Aikido moves into their component pieces that are easy to follow. I’ve found a kinship here in this dojo and  I’m fortunate to have it around my neighborhood."

Aikido and Iaido are not only fun martial arts and great stress-relieving exercise, but embrace a practical philosophy useful in everyday life and in everyday situations.  CEOs, business managers, civil employees, teachers, students and parents practice Aikido and/or Iaido to help be more productive, level-minded and to help improve their conflict resolution skills. 
Fair Aikido kanji
Convenient Aikido Kanji
Playground Aikido Kanji
Japanese kanji
Is Aikido right for you?  
Try a week for just $25
"I have always wanted to study traditional Japanese Aikido instead of... (an) 'Americanized' system. Your program is more than I could have asked for. The instruction is great, you guys are very professional and respectful towards the students. The students are respectful and helpful towards each other, and I'm having a LOT of fun."
 - James
Castle Rock AIKIDO Student from Littleton
Aikido student aikido dojo
"It's fantastic to be able to feel the great energy which is being infused into our new Aikido dojo."

- Tim Keating
Owner, SWS Mountain Guides
Aikido Student from Castle Pines
Recapture the youth, strength, 
and vitality you used to have 
in our unique, authentic, 
Japanese martial arts program
exclusively for adults! 
"Aikido and Iaido are the best things I've done for myself in a long time.  (Because of Aikido) I've cut my caffeine to nearly nothing (and now) I'm 100% nicotine-free.  You have a great 'place of training' and first class personnel."
- Rob
Aikido Student from Aurora

Aikido technique waza
Come join the fun at the only Japanese martial arts school in the Denver area 
offering adult-only Aikido classes! *  
Why offer adult only classes? 

* To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Japanese martial arts school in the area offering an adult-exclusive Aikido program for adults ages 18 and over. No exceptions.

** All of these bullets refer specifically to our Aikido program. 
Our Mission: 
"To forge in our students, a strength of character so strong, that conflict becomes unnecessary."
AIkido Student
- Chino
AIKIDO Student from Castle Rock
Loyalty or ‘Chuuji’

At last we reach the final virtue of Bushido: Loyalty. Oh, how I’ve long waited to explore this virtue.  I really expected this to be a prominent section in the book.  However, surprisingly; Nitobe’s Loyalty monologue is the briefest of the seven virtues even though he purports “…it is only in the code of chivalrous honor that Loyalty assumes paramount importance.” This would certainly explain why Loyalty comes last in the discussion, but it doesn’t explain the brevity.  Nitobe takes a somewhat disappointing “It is what it is” approach to explaining this virtue and this is the first virtue that he doesn’t challenge or attempt to rehabilitate.  One is led to conclude that he finds nothing to object to.  He doesn’t outright endorse the samurai perspective, but simultaneously, he doesn’t seem to feel offended or embarrassed by the notion as he clearly did with other virtues.

In stark contrast to the introduction of previous virtues, Nitobe offers no formal definition of Loyalty, but instead offers fleeting descriptors such as “(Paying) homage and fealty to a superior is a distinct feature of Bushido’s Loyalty.”  He also offers that “Loyalty is the keystone of the feudal virtues making a symmetrical arch.”

Nitobe assumes that his audience already understands the word and, instead spends most of this article discussing the differences in cultural application of Loyalty, comparing Japanese to Western values.  I found this valuable, but also inadequate.  I would argue that a lack of consensus about what Loyalty is contributes to the present day misuse and abuse of this virtue, particularly in the context of some martial arts communities.
Although today’s scholars greatly disagree with one another’s proposed definitions of Loyalty, Loyalty can be generically defined as faithfulness or devotion to a person, country, group, cause, or idea.  I tend concur with philosophy professors John Ladd  and Marcia Baron, of Brown University and Indiana University respectively, who both characterize Loyalty as relating solely to an inter-personal relationship.  That is, you can be loyal only to another person, but not to an inanimate object, cause, or idea.  “When we speak of causes (or ideals) we are more apt to say that people are committed to them or devoted to them than that they are loyal to them,” says Baron.  Loyalty suggests people-to-people connections, not so much people-to-ideals.  For sake of argument, our discussions in this article will be limited to this inter-personal definition of Loyalty and, at this time, will also only briefly mention any relationship Loyalty may have to patriotism. 

Nitobe attempts to clarify and distinguish Bushido’s Loyalty from a Western audience’s sense of Loyalty

Click HERE to read the rest of this article.
Bushido: An Antiquated Values System?
A Critical Review of the Classic Samurai Text: 
Bushido: The Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobe

Part Eight:  Loyalty: Listening to One's Highest Self
Can learning a martial art like Aikido or Iaido really make you a better parent, spouse, employee, business owner, and person?  
Absolutely! Come discover within yourself a source of tremendous power that can change your life for the better while having fun!
"Castle Rock AIKIDO has offered the two of us an adult activity we could participate in as a couple - and stick with...   A great work out to be sure, Aikido has also helped us interact more harmoniously with each other as well as our children."
- Brandon & Erin 
Married Aikido Students from Parker
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